Site Scan FAQ

3DR posted up questions and answers about Site Scan on their blog.

Site Scan FAQ | 3DR | Drone & UAV Technology

This is promising. Third or fourth question in the FAQ. Fingers crossed.

If you own a Solo®, can you upgrade to the Sony enterprise camera and gimbal w/out buying Site Scan software?

3DR is currently exploring the feasibility of offering the Sony enterprise camera for standalone use by existing Solo drone customers.​
that is encouraging, that gimbal looked very nice.
It could also indicate that Sony may be heading into the UAV camera market
I had hoped it would be Panasonic, but they appear to have gone proprietary with Yuneec
that still leaves the Olympus airs that are a lot like the sony
and still use M43 glass
There are a lot of coming soons on that FAQ. I do hope the camera is released to existing solo owners sooner rather than later!

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