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  1. Scoutltd

    Site scan

    Want to use site scan, but neither of my devices are able to load the app. Anyone out there using site scan with a device that is working seamlessly? Also will it require a data plan? Or is 3DR the wrong company to go down that path with? Really seems a little silly to start buying software for...
  2. franknitty69

    3DR Announces Partnership with Esri; Site Scan Support for Esri Drone2Map

    3DR collaborates with Esri to deliver best-in-class solution for aerial data capture and analytics. Today at the Esri User Conference, 3DR announced that we have teamed up with the world’s leading provider of GIS solutions to seamlessly integrate 3DR’s Site Scan with Esri Drone2Map. Designed...
  3. franknitty69

    Site Scan FAQ

    3DR posted up questions and answers about Site Scan on their blog. Site Scan FAQ | 3DR | Drone & UAV Technology