Running DroneKit on my Solo

Jun 10, 2015
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I'm trying to figure out how to get into my Solo to run any of the dronekit python scripts and try to actually run custom code on the much ballyhooed drone with a 1ghz linux computer inside it. (i.e. the stuff starting from

I've put my laptop on the wifi network generated by Solo, and nmap reveals open ssh ports on and which i'm guessing are the craft and the controller, but i have no good guess for the ssh password.

besides wifi there's no apparent way to log into the craft that i can find (perhaps a port inside the shell that i have to open up?)

anybody have any pointers on how to get into the machine and try to run any of the sample scripts and such from the dronekit documentation?
You may want to ask 3DR if that's indeed how you access the shell to input the code. I'm sure you will get an answer that is prefaced by: "Modifying the code will void the warranty".. lol
DodgeP, I'd love to but how exactly do I ask 3DR? You mean just email customer support? I didn't consider that might actually work :)
Not sure if that's sarcasm or sincerity so I'll leave it alone.
In case you missed it...

The root password for 3drobotics Solo and Artoo is TjSDBkAu aka Tj (Tijuana) SD (San Diego) Bk (Back) A (At) u (You).

./src/com/o3dr/solo/android/service/artoo/ private static final SshConnection sshLink = new SshConnection("", "root", "TjSDBkAu");

./src/com/o3dr/solo/android/service/sololink/ private static final SshConnection sshLink = new SshConnection(getSoloLinkIp(), "root", "TjSDBkAu");

./src/com/o3dr/solo/android/service/update/ public static final String SSH_PASSWORD = "TjSDBkAu";

"Isn't that's actually Tijuana-San Diego-Berkeley-Australia, based on the large 3DR developer concentrations?"

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