Possible Factory Reset - Need Guidance

Jan 20, 2017
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I am currently the latest Open Solo on both controller & Arducopter on the bird. Since I have been unable to get control over my video recording and camera functions ( I only have live video feed currently ),I was thinking about doing a factory reset & then reloading the latest latest Open Solo all over again. Questions:

1. Do I need to run the partition firmware before doing factory reset ? To both Controller & Solo ?
2. So as I understand doing this, it will take me back to Original Solo software or firmware but at the Preflight Update point. Is that correct ?
3. So is it at this point, I run the the latest Open Solo 4.0 & Arducopter 4.4.3 ?
4. What about the gimbal firmware.....? I believe it is version 1.3.6 ? Where does that come into play ?

Just trying to get this problem resolved where I have full control of my GoPro functionality. I believe the gimbal is operating correctly. My controller's camera angle button & my 2 camera presets with sec delay operate correctly. Also within Solex, my control for the downward angle of the GoPro works correctly. So I am bewildered as to to what my problem is.

As I said, I have live video feed. But I have no use of video recording or any camera functions. Everything is greyed out. Baffled.

Not sure if Factory Reset & Re- Uploading is proper avenue to take. I dont think Gimbal is damaged from a crash that happened the other day.

Any help or thoughts is greatly appreciated.

Are you using one of the supported cameras?

If your gimbal was new and never installed on a Solo that has the original 3DR Firmware Update or Open Solo 3, it may not have gotten its initial firmware update. In this case you will need to install it on a Solo that hasn't been updated to Open Solo 4. If you don't have a way of doing that you can send it to me and I'll update it for you.
Yes....a Hero3+ Black......
Also..... WinSCP indicates gimbal firmware version 1.3.6 is installed in the /firmware directory on the Solo bird
Yes....a Hero3+ Black......
Also..... WinSCP indicates gimbal firmware version 1.3.6 is installed in the /firmware directory on the Solo bird
Was the gimbal ever flown before Open Solo 4 was installed?
Yes....this gimbal has been on this bird from the very beginning.....thru first flight update....to 2.4.2....to Open Solo 3.0....to Open Solo 4.0......with Arducopter latest at 4.4.3.

So I just cant understand why I have no GoPro functionality ? Only live feed.....Mind boggling......
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Have you Stopped the Solex app using the menu item? I'd try that also try restarting everything in a different order.
Not sure what you mean by "Have you Stopped the Solex app using the menu item?" My startup order is: 1. turn on Go Pro with it positioned in the gimbal 2. Turn on Solo. 3. Turn on Controller 4. Wait til they see each other. 5. Open Solex and connect to Wifi Sololink. 6. Connect to Bird and Controller using UDP..... it starts reading 1,000+ parameters ....and connects successfully. Have live feed. ( I assume this is thru the HDMI connector that is plugged into the side of the GoPro from Gimbal. But no other GoPro functions work thru Solex.....very odd....

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