Controller compatibility w/ 7" Tablet

Sep 28, 2015
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Just got the Samsung Galaxy 4 7" tablet and it doesn't appear to be mountable on the controller. Vertically the mount doesn't open up enough, and horizontally the clamp is open to much in its closed position.

Is this everyone else's experience?
Hi Matt. I can't quite picture what you mean about the clamp for your tablet. I have the Galaxy 4 8", and it fits just fine. That should mean your 7" will fit as well. Unless you have a problem with the side of the clamp that is spring loaded, it should work.
I have mine mounted horizontally. I add'ed a little bit of hard foam "from packaging of Solo" on top & bottom of brackets. It worked well, so i glued them in place. I also added some Velcro to the back of the Tablet & on the front of the bracket where it meets the Tablet.

Hope this helps
7" does not fit, I added foam with sticky back to top and bottom clamps and it fits great now. I did upgrade to an 8" tablet that fits with out the foam. 8" seems to a popular size, good combination of weight and screen size.
Just headed over to ask the same thing as the original poster. I have an old galaxy tab 4 7" and planned on using it.

Same issue the clamps in the horizontal direction were to short. The clamp orientated in the vertical direction to wide. Just ordered a cheap 9.99 silicon case off amazon, should give the tablet just enough breadth to fit perfectly.

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