Cheaper 3DR Smart Battery for Aussies

Sep 19, 2015
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As most of us here Down Under are aware, the solo smart battery is way more expensive than what it sells for in the US. In Oz it retails anywhere from AUD$238 to $299.00. The latter is quickly becoming the norm.

So today I was surfing the net looking to buy a couple of these batteries. Not wanting to pay a premium price, I came across this aussie website that sells the 3DR solo + some accessories including the smart battery. To my surprise the website sold the batteries for AUD$199.00 each! At that price, I could not resist, so I snatched up 2 of them. I thought that it was pretty good value considering that in this country these batteries are getting increasingly expensive.

So for all the Aussie members who are thinking to buy, here's the website:

3DR Solo Smart Battery | Drone Accessories |

BTW, the only downfall is that there is a AUD$22.99 delivery charge per battery. I enquired about this via email and they replied with: "To deliver the best possible prices to our customers, these items are sourced from different locations and sent out separately, therefore an individual shipping fee will apply. You can rest assured that you are still getting an excellent deal."

So for me I thought it was worth it!
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Kogan always have great deals. I could handle an extra two or three batteries. Being in Aus can suck at times but.
Kogan always have great deals. I could handle an extra two or three batteries. Being in Aus can suck at times but.

Yeah, it is a good deal. Initially I checked out the new Dick Smith Online store. They're selling the smart battery for AUD$219.00 + delivery. Looking further at their website it stated that Dick Smith is owned and operated by the team at! Yet are selling the battery for 20 bucks cheaper!!
So Kogan bought the online side of Dick Smith? I must of missed that news.
Yep and that is them sold out already. Can I inquire if you are adding to your battery collection or updating as the originals are near end of life? In good weather with a full charge I can not get more than 10 minutes per battery out of the 3 batteries I bought in Sept 2015.
Yeah, not surprising, given that they now retail for AUD$299.00 from most aussie outlets.
Best price that I've searched after is at Go Outdoors Australia. They're selling it for AUD$238.00 + delivery $14.05. If you haven't already done so, check out their website:

3DR Solo Smart Battery

I have 2 batteries since Sept 2015 and still going strong. I'm getting about 12 minutes flight time per battery once it hits 25%. I'm just adding a couple more batteries to my collection to get more air time in one session.
kogan have upped there price to $219 and are out of stock and no idea when they will be restocked

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