solo battery

  1. TrellBuilt

    NEW SOLO batteries

    I have 2 NEW SOLO batteries that are still factory sealed for sale at $75 each. I also have a good used battery for $50 It has been stored correctly Don't mind splitting them up and will only charge what shipping costs me to ship. My zip is 28612
  2. D

    New Solo Battery

    I am working on a replacement solo battery, the one that I liked the best is a GN3 high discharge Lipo from Gaoneng, it is a 4S -14.8 v-6500 mah-110C- 96.20WH. The whole mod only adds 3oz. All of this sounds good until I plug it all in and turn it on and this is where I need some help. 1 When I...
  3. M

    Solo battery analog readout (Attopilot-like)

    Hi, guys! Have you ever considered to forget the SMbus and just using the Pixhawk2 analog inputs for reading battery voltage and current? It's pin 47 and 49 on the 80pin connector. Mission Planner allows you to modify the battery data readout method from SMbus to analog... But I'm not sure if...
  4. 13nikos62

    Cheaper 3DR Smart Battery for Aussies

    As most of us here Down Under are aware, the solo smart battery is way more expensive than what it sells for in the US. In Oz it retails anywhere from AUD$238 to $299.00. The latter is quickly becoming the norm. So today I was surfing the net looking to buy a couple of these batteries. Not...
  5. Grant Norton

    Solo Gear for Sale

    hello fellow pilots Posting to let any and every pilot know on here that I am putting my 3DR Solo backpack and 1 extra battery with some extra props and charger up for sale. All things are basically brand new. I have upgraded to a pelican can that can carry both the Solo and all my gear in...
  6. Chip Luck

    My Solo Crashed HARD = Always keep an eye on that battery level, period!

    Well... My Solo crashed, HARD. Solo will have to go back to the factory. Lost complete battery power at 0% at altitude and Solo flipped upside down and came spiraling down and landed legs up in a grass parking lot just behind a friends pickup truck. Impact ejected the GoPro and landed about 30...