Oct 11, 2015
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Charlotte, NC
OK, all you solo pilots!!!

just took the plunge and upgraded from the hero 3+ to the Hero 4 Black...... went out to shoot some scenes today and the turn out was drastically NOT what i expected...... can anyone tell me what they find the best settings to be using the GP 4 and what you are filming with??? I even started getting pics of the props in some of my views and then one whole area that I was filming didn't even record properly??? Has anyone else had that problem... shows up on the micro card but when you try to open it and play it, states not a valid format????
H4 silver here. 1080/60/medium is a good place to start, but you will probably end up shooting 4 or 2.7K and rendering down to 1080 to export your final video.

Set your gimbal below 90 deg to keep props out of frame. I use 85 deg. If you accelerate rapidly or fly too fast, props will show up. 10 MPH is a good filming speed.
Make sure you stop recording before you turn GoPro off to avoid file problems.

Read the GoPro manual so you understand all the settings. There are a number of videos and articles on the web about how to get great drone footage. I've seen/read about 100 so far. Google is your friend!

I've discovered getting awesome video is much harder than I thought it would be. It's about 10% technology, 10% equipment knowledge, and 80% artistic "flair". I have no artistic flair so I'm struggling.o_O

Knowing the right settings is only a small part of the equation.
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