1. Guy Canavaggio

    Go Pro 4 downloading and updating.... unexpected fact.

    ELEMENTARY DR WATSON ! : The no frills fact and conclusion: TO UPDATE , TO HAVE THE GO PRO SOFTWARE RECOGNIZE YOUR CAMERA, YOU NEED THE ORIGINAL GO PRO CABLE!!!!!!!!!!! After much frustration and detective work why sometimes it woks and some not. Hold on to the original gopro 4 cable and...
  2. Grant Norton


    OK, all you solo pilots!!! just took the plunge and upgraded from the hero 3+ to the Hero 4 Black...... went out to shoot some scenes today and the turn out was drastically NOT what i expected...... can anyone tell me what they find the best settings to be using the GP 4 and what you are...
  3. D

    solo app indicates GoPro update required

    Solo app is telling me that GoPro needs an update to work with gimbal (got this error msg yesterday on two different Hero 4 Black cameras after both had worked fine the day before). Updates for camera (I'd done the Sept pre-gimbal one) don't seem available. Can't get app to talk to solo and...