gopro 4

  1. Maddog

    GoPro Battery dies fast

    Recently I have noticed the batteries on my GP4 Silver are dying overnight when left in the camera. I have had the camera for over a year and this was not an issue before. All 4 batteries do the same thing, but hold a charge when left out of the camera. Have tried reformatting SD card, using...
  2. E

    Orbit Gimbal Limp Glitch

    When using selecting orbit and GP4 camera is pointed straight down then the gimbal will go limp, but if camera GP4 lens is facing forward then select Orbit then the gimbal does not go limp. Has anybody else experienced this glitch?
  3. E

    Fisheye Removal Streching vid

    I am using a GoPro Hero4 to record video with the factory lens. After using Prodad ProDenalin or GoPro software, objects in the side of the video stretch. Look the cars entering and leaving the video. Any suggestions?
  4. M

    PeauPro60 not taking all the photos

    Hello everybody! I am quite new to this forum so excuse me if I am replicating another thread. I am using my Solo, along with its gimbal and a PeauPro60 to take photos each 0,5 seconds (or less, I use the distance trigger command from MP). The camera is configured in single photo mode, and...
  5. FairladyZ

    Solo Leg in Picture

    Hello everyone! This is my first post and I just got my drone so please forgive me if it's silly. I'm having a problem with my GoPro/Solo combo where when I turn the drone, the leg appears in the image. It's quite frustrating as it kind of ruins my shots/videos. Does anybody have any advice on...
  6. e-Wheelchair

    Disabled Individuals and Veterans flying ' Solo '

    Hi to all members, As you are probably aware I am a Disability Advocate for Veterans and others with ' Debilitating Health Conditions '! Working with the 3dr Solo Drone and my custom made interface for Mind, Voice, Gesture and SmartGlasses Control. 3D Robotics have sponsored my work with a...
  7. N

    iOS App

    I took video and pictures from the app the day that functionality was released, nothing has changed to the drone/phone and now when i use the app i do not get a video feed. when I record, the video comes out fine. Its a black screen on the app for video and white for photos. when i take a...
  8. Michael Grancell

    3DR Solo, Gimbal, GoPro 4 Black, GPC case, Backpack+++

    IMG_0001 by Michael Grancell posted Nov 12, 2015 at 11:42 AM 3DR Solo for sale. Like new. Extras. Need bigger lift platform. Extremely fair deal. $1,850 3DR Solo with Gimbal. Never crashed, flipped, or hard landings. Works flawlessly. One of the good ones. GoPro Hero 4 Black 4K camera with...
  9. Grant Norton


    OK, all you solo pilots!!! just took the plunge and upgraded from the hero 3+ to the Hero 4 Black...... went out to shoot some scenes today and the turn out was drastically NOT what i expected...... can anyone tell me what they find the best settings to be using the GP 4 and what you are...
  10. Projeffrey11

    GOPRO HERO-4 BLACK view feed since 1.2.0

    Ever since updating the Solo's firmware to 1.2.0 my Gopro Hero-4 Black has really poor live feed with ton's of latency, to getting stuck on single frame on the app, to no Gopro live view showing up after a cold start. I'm using a Nexus 6 which has always worked just fine prior to the latest...
  11. Projeffrey11

    GoPro Hero-4 Black overheating with Gimbal

    Hi everybody I received my 3DR Solo gimbal last Saturday and just recently yesterday I started experiencing really bad video feed latency and all together my GoPro randomly freezing up where I have to ground my bird to reset manually by hand, has anybody experienced any such thing? I've been...
  12. I

    last update caused gopro feed to stop and gimbal to not stabilize

    Uploaded on Sep 23, 2015 Latest update as of 9-23-2015 and firmware update on gopro Everything was working fine last weekend and after update I couldn't get gopro to work w/out firmware update - after update Gopro won't broadcast and gimbal wont' stabilize I was able to shoot this the...
  13. Projeffrey11

    Solo with gimbal in 4k 30fps wide view test one

    First flight with the 3DR Solo gimbal I wanted to address the false claims that with the GoPro at 4k wide view you could see the legs of the quad copter obviously you can't, also at full speed in fly mode with the camera gimbal at a 90 degree angle you could see the props this is due to Solo...
  14. P

    Video feed loss

    I've been flying my solo around with no major problems! But now as soon as I get about 100' away I lose video feed I get it back if fly in closer, real annoying! Does anybody have the same issues!
  15. CirrusPilot

    GoPro 4 Black Edition $379 Delivered

    I just purchased another GoPro 4 Black on eBay Today for $379 delivered.. normally $499 Promotion indicated it was today only..