Oct 15, 2016
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Please help.
I have been a Solo owner over a year. In that year I have sent out numerous tickets concerning compatibility.

First off, here's what I'm working with:
3DR Solo
Hero 3 black
LG Risio w/ Android 6.0
Wifi ( no data)

I have NEVER once flown with the full Solo App. It was never available to download on my device. When I contacted help their guy set me up with a link to the Solo Beta app. This has been my primary source of flight.
I have never used a single feature of the app that all other Solo owners discuss because they are not available to me on Beta. I have basically just been able to fly around.
Back in September the Beta app disappeared with only the little green android icon in its place. I asked 3DR help again and they said to give it a few days until it up dated. It did.
A little over a week ago, same issue.
But this time no updates. Nothing.
I tried the steps given by Turbo Turkey on his Youtube video to no avail.
Here is what I am wondering.

1) Is there a device under $50-$60 I can get the app onto?
2) I like all the videos/ reviews for Solex. Does anyone know if that app is compatible?
3) Is Solex worth the money?
4) What, if any possible app/device combinations would anyone recommend for relatively cheap?

Thanks for your help gang

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