android app

  1. Wayne Regier

    App/ device issues.

    Please help. I have been a Solo owner over a year. In that year I have sent out numerous tickets concerning compatibility. First off, here's what I'm working with: 3DR Solo Gimbal Hero 3 black LG Risio w/ Android 6.0 Wifi ( no data) I have NEVER once flown with the full Solo App. It was never...
  2. Y

    Follow me on an 5 inch android device limited to look at me

    Hi, After couple of trials with my 3DR, I still did not manage to have the follow me mode on my android device correctly. I managed to have the look at me feature to work, meaning the GPS is working on my device, and it seems like the button or control over this feature is not working...
  3. baldguy

    Flight Replay

    I went flying with a friend of mine who has a P3. I was proud of most every attribute of my Solo (flying manually in the Solo App) until he opened an app on his iPhone and was able to show a Google Map sat view with an overlay of the flight path he just flew on his P3. It played in real-time or...