green cube

  1. C

    Solex app causing 3DR Solo to crash

    Hi everyone Im new to this 3DRPilots and I really need help. Today we completed a Here gps upgrade and green cube upgrade to 3 different Solos. After installing all of the firmware and making sure everything was up to date, we took the birds out for a test. We only flew 2 of the 3 because the...
  2. H

    Is anyone flying on AC 3.6 yet?

    I installed it on the Green Cube Solo about 3 weeks ago. Haven't done a whole bunch of flying in South Florida due to the weather (it's the rainy season now). Hopefully I can get some flights in this weekend. I actually like the way it flies. Without changing any parameters, it glides to a...
  3. B

    Wanted: Stock Solo Cube or Green Cube

    Hey Boys, Anyone wanting to get rid of a working stock cube or green cube, respond with a price or PM me. Canadian sellers preferred... Thanks...
  4. D

    IMU replacement - Green Cube?

    Good day All, I think I have an IMU going bad, the Solo asks for level calibration every other flight most days. I've been reading posts on the Green Cube, but I still have some questions (very basic questions, please bear with me). It seems that I will need to use Solex after the switch...
  5. L

    Greencube and Mission Planner

    Hello, I use my 3DR solo with a recently and successfully upgraded greencube and I use Mission Planner as my primary GCS software. When I connect to the solo, it says that there is an update for ArduCopter 3.5.5 and I then 'updated' my Open Solo version to 3.0.0, yet the message still shows. I...
  6. dmulk

    WANTED: Pixhawk 2.1 Green Cube

    Looking to get one of these. If you have one you are looking to get rid of PM me. Cheers, Dan
  7. jimloss

    Flyaway and Crash

    Yesterday I had a flyaway and crash with my Solo1(Green Cube and OpenSolo). I was coming in for a landing in my backyard while in Fly:Manual. When Solo1 was about a foot from touching down it suddenly took off quickly and I had no control. It ripped into a movie screen that I have against the...
  8. IrishmanPDX

    Shutting down threads and Green Cubes!

    OK, I can understand when the hissy fits start that no one wants to read ongoing squabbles, but please think about how the rest of us are affected by shutting down such threads. For me, I usually have a ton of bad jokes ready to post and now they've all gone to waste........ unfair people...
  9. J

    Introduction to PixHawk 2.1: Introduction

    Lots of similar functions to our solo. Great overview of what it can do.
  10. Pedals2Paddles

    ArduCopter 3.5 & Pixhawk 2.1 Green Cube Upgrade: Solo Remastered

    You can take down your RIP signs and gravestones. The solo is no longer stale and dead. The Solo is up and running on ArduCopter 3.5.0+ with a Pixhawk 2.1 Green Cube. The community effort to keep the Solo alive has succeeded. Photos by Andrew Emmett, Matt Lawrence, & Stephan Schindewolf...
  11. D

    Reasons to upgrade to the green cube on solo?

    I have been seeing in the forums things about the green cube install and things like that and was wondering why I would upgrade?
  12. IrishmanPDX

    Green Cube Help!

    So went and installed the Green Cube using the video that was posted here (Yay!). Wasn't entirely comfy with taking my drone apart BUT was surprising how easy it was once I got into the swing of things. Green cube went in. Solex was started and this is where I ran into trouble. According to...
  13. SteveReno

    Guide to Install & Setup the Green Cube on your Solo.

    Video has been removed. Do to some people with low comprehension. They go against instructions, then blame others.