1. NastyN8


    Hey all, I’m posting this on here in the hope that someone can answer my prayers. I had hung up my drone for the last couple years and now living in Fl all I wanna do is fly. However upon my great return, I come to find out that I need a different app in order to fly it, and not only that I...
  2. 3

    [C] - Read GPS Coordinates on 3DR Solo from GPS sensor

    Hello everyone, I am a C programmer and I need to write a C program that will be executed on the 3DR Solo (directly on the drone, i.e. upload the object file and execute on it) that reads the GPS coordinates (Latitude, Longitude) and Altitude from the GPS sensor mounted on board the drone. I am...
  3. R

    GPS chip change (solder change)

    I wanted to use the stock pcb and had a bunch of m8n units so I desoldered the m7 and put an m8 on. Initial tests were really good. Going to fly it this week. Have some m9 units as well I might try after this. Has anyone done this? Stock pcb with an M8?
  4. punisherzx12

    For Sale Upgraded 3DR Solo + Spares

    3DR Solo Like New Condition w/extras Upgrades: MRO GPS Module Master Airscrew Props Alfa Antennas Tablet Holder Extra Batteries Backpack You don't want to miss owning this great drone. Ready to fly your GoPro Hero 3+ or 4 to new heights. Never crashed, abused, or even had a hard landing...
  5. B

    Use Solo's GPS as Mock Location

    Hey been looking all over the internet for an answer.... I'm trying to find an app that will allow me to collect Points Lines or Polygons using the solo's gps location. So I can fly a road, being able to start and stop a line to be used in a GIS later. Or fly over a fence corner/some object and...
  6. B

    Solo GPS revA on SP racing F3 flight controller

    I have a revA gps laying around that I replaced with a newer board on my solo. I am wondering what the process would be or if its even possible to use the revA gps module on a SP racing F3 flight controller or any other flight controller for that matter. I have a custom quad that would benefit...
  7. R

    FS Solo with Gimbal, GoPro and more

    I am selling my 3DR Solo with GoPro Hero 4 Black and accessories. The solo has always been kept in a protective case and looks brand new. It also has the updated mRobotics GPS chip for faster satellite acquisition. This is a great drone that probably only has a couple hours of flight time on...

    Build Quality.....

    since I now have my own issues with a perfect flying setup- TWO I might add- totalling $375 for a single SOLO revB with FPVLRs in an OEM backpak and a broken propped Solo revA with gimbal- both working!!! after making the mistake of placing the bird WITH GIMBAL on sport mode in a wide open...
  9. KDan

    Rev B GPS's for sale (SOLD)

    I have 3 black board Rev B GPS's for sale. $15 each and $6 shipping. Will combine shipping if you want more than one.
  10. IrishmanPDX

    My findings on GPS SHTUFF....

    OK, so I've been limited in my flight time here in the PNW, but I did manage to get a few test flights in with several different GPS modules. Clear sky, sunny day, 12 midday flights. Please note that the drones were turned on for about 10 minutes, left sitting at the launch area, turned off...
  11. IrishmanPDX

    Random thoughts and questions!

    So what is the resale market like for Pixhawks? I mean with everyone going to green cubes (ok, maybe there's still at least 2 people out there who haven't converted yet) there's got to be a surplus of stock cubes for the solo. So is anyone buying? I have some spares which I have no use for, 2...
  12. X

    2 full drones primed bodies motor pods boards gps carrying cases landing gear all 3dr stock

    2 full drones 3DR solos primed bodies motor pods boards gps carrying cases landing gear all 3dr stock. I botched 1 motor pulled a few plugs on one of the boards but I got a 3DR solo off Craigslist with smart gimbal and backpack and I'm not even going to use 1 sticker all because I watched a how...
  13. Raptor

    GPS problems!

    Just did first test flight on my new solo. Went well at first until remote said lost GPS connection, fly manually. It was at this point the drone did not respond to my commands well and hit the dirt. Blades were still running and I got cut up trying to keep it from destroying itself. This...
  14. Pedals2Paddles

    HERE external M8N GPS and compass upgrades!

    The HERE is here! Arrived on Monday from Jesters Drones. I got the full kit with the ProfiCNC HERE GPS/Compass, IMP Concepts folding mast, and plug & play wiring. This produced the most stable fly mode (loiter) my solo has ever had! It even came a smoother and more stable stop when letting go of...
  15. T

    Can't pair and unknown beep sounds

    Hi, My Solo crashed by child and something wrong with that. Check these pics and videos 3dr Solo repair - Google Drive I tried factory reset many times and every time it seems to reset correctly. But once controller reboots, solo and controller is not paired. (Pics) Also beep sounds here...
  16. KDan

    Experiences with low cost M8N GPS modules?

    About a week ago I installed a BN-800 GPS in my backup Solo. I thought that for under $18 it was worth experimenting with. I had hoped to get one of the V2 GPS shields from the 3DR store, but it seems they aren't available now. I ended up reusing the original one. I also created a design for a...
  17. P

    GPS tracker suggestions

    Hi! New user here. My 3DR solo just arrived and I was thinking of also purchasing a GPS tracker in case of an unexpected event. What can you suggest i go about this? Thanks
  18. SteveReno

    Part 1 & 2 on installing the Here GPS with Compass

    Part 1 Part 2 You need to Calibrate Compass each time you disconnect it from Solo. Items used: ProFIcnc Here GPS: Mast: Imp Concepts Cables: [email protected] Credits: "2010" Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios
  19. IrishmanPDX

    GPS Upgrade, Newbie point of view

    As the newbie to the drone world and new owner of a 3DR solo in Portland OR (see, did the newbie introduction at the same time, that's multi-tasking that is!) and I thought I’d give my feedback on upgrading the GPS (just in case it helps with anyone’s decisions). Got my solo from B&H and was...
  20. nwsisu

    Crashed my Solo. Could someone please help reading the logs?

    I received my Best Buy Refurbished Solo yesterday. It has the Rev. B GPS board. I added the cardboard mod. It seems to pick up satellites ok, but seems to intermittently loose them. This morning I tried to fly it in the back yard. I brought it up maybe 10 feet had it loiter, and moved it around...