1. Flyivan

    Motors not accelerating

    Installed SidePilot for the 1st time and after all the calibrations my motors start but don’t accelerate. Anybody knows why? how can I fix this please.
  2. Dave Tolsky

    Solo bundle for sale $400

    Everything pristine. This drone has been registered with the FAA for some commercial work. Solo drone with good working gimbal, extended green feet and mRo GPS module installed. Solo tool for exchanging gimbal with fixed frame for Go Pro if desired. All set up paperwork and 3DR full color book...
  3. N

    Solo backpack bundle, new gimbal, new batteries for sale (on eBay)

    I have 3 listings on eBay available for auction. The first is a 3DR solo backpack bundle w/ the drone, controller, 1 lightly used battery, 8 new props, tall feet, gimbal, and more. The drone was flown once to test. I purchased this bundle from best buy as a spare drone. LINK: Drone Bundle Link...
  4. S

    Controller charger

    Hey guys, Just purchased a used 3dr solo and turns out it didn’t come with the charger for the controller. I asked the guy about it and he said he’d never need to charge it and it didn’t come with one when he bought it from someone else. So is anyone selling a charger or know where I can buy...
  5. V

    Mysterious problem with camera pitch.

    I have+know at least four Solo's with this issue. OpenSolo 3.0.0 , ArduCopter 3.5.7. The problem; The camera pitches up, at 3second interval, with logarithmic steps. It does so if the last input was a slight "up" (look up) command, not if the last was down. - not sure if it's related, but the...
  6. B

    Wtb solo controller

    Hi guys, My controller stopped connecting to my solo and stopped creating the wifi network for my phone. (I tried to remove the sd card, but it didnt work). So I am looking for a working controller in Quebec, Canada. Lmk! Thank you!

    Build Quality.....

    since I now have my own issues with a perfect flying setup- TWO I might add- totalling $375 for a single SOLO revB with FPVLRs in an OEM backpak and a broken propped Solo revA with gimbal- both working!!! after making the mistake of placing the bird WITH GIMBAL on sport mode in a wide open...
  8. J

    Solo and Controller not Talking

    i just unboxed my solo 3DR yesterday for Christmas. I installed the gimbal and when I first turns it on, there was a sound like a broken radio station, some squelching and it didn’t stop until I forced it off. I switched it back on and it sounded fine, so I began to go through the setup...
  9. kevinelvis

    Controller wont charge

    My controller refuses to charge, once plugged in it says charger connected but does nothing. I have tried everything with no luck. This whole set up is new and it worked perfectly until battery died. Any advice would be gratful!
  10. jbrosolo

    Changing physical joysticks on Solo controller?

    Hello I'm fairly new the RC world and was wondering if it's possible to change the joysticks on the 3dr solo controller. To be clear: I don't mean re-mapping the controls, but rather if it's possible to swap out the physical joysticks themselves (the part your thumbs are touching) on the...
  11. R

    Lost Joystick Knob

    I have somehow lost the knob end off of one of the joysticks on the controller. I can not find a replacement anywhere on the net. Cant use the $1.99 knob because they slip on over the existing knob. Any ideas?
  12. W

    Solo-cli connection

    Hello, When I used solo info or solo wifi.... I get the result "Connecting to controller....ensure you are connected to solo's wifi network". This will hang forever. I'm connected on the solo's wifi network on 10.1.1.x. Tested on 2 laptop windows 10 and ubuntu. Solo version: 2.4.2 Autopilot...
  13. R

    Unable to get HDMI feed from Controller to Goggles

    I am trying to route the video feed from the Solo Controller, through the micro HDMI port to the input port on a pair of Tovsto Vivid FPV googles. I can't get anything on the goggles. I have tried two different solo controllers, and two different cables, but, still nothing. Does something need...
  14. Fly-Hi-Photography

    Solo Controller Not Matching Batteries

    So the last few times I've been flying my SOLO, i'll be out and about for no more than 5-8 minutes and my battery status on my controller drops from 80% to either 10% or 0% which causes me to freak and get the Drone back ASAP. Upon return the battery still reads 4-5 lights (40-50%). I have 3...
  15. D

    Locked up controller

    I had a locked up controller, it wouldn't turn off, wouldn't reset, and even a battery pull didn't reset it. It just kept not working. 3dr sent me the attached .pdf It worked!
  16. D

    Solo Parts For Sale

    I crashed my Solo and have decided to part ways with the parts, and 3DR, instead of buying a new one. I had only flown my solo a few times before the crash. Device would power on and connect in fly mode after crash. The shell was basically destroyed, but other parts in pretty good condition. I...
  17. G

    Keep losing controller connection

    Hi guys, This is my first post on the blog. I am the owner of a 3dr solo since 2 months already and was happy until this problem happened: I was flying around 80m (260 ft) high when the solo lost the connection. It started to come back to the starting point, as always, but when "landed", the...
  18. V

    Solo Gimbal

    Does anyone know where I can find the source code for the 3DR Controller? I'm trying to access the section of code specifically for the Gimbal movement but cannot find the code on 3DR's github under solodevguide. Thanks!
  19. A

    Lost screw end for device holder on controller

    missing part: Image 2016-09-10 at 6.20.02 PM.jpg contacted support, unfortunately they do not offer this as a part, only the entire device holder (20$?). 1) Think I could find an alternative part to replace the missing? 2) I thought I read somewhere there is sturdier replacement holder...
  20. F

    Greetings From Ajax, Ontario

    Hi folks, I have been flying RC planes for the past 5 years or so and sort of started dabbling in small quads a year or so ago. Two weeks ago I took the plunge and bought the 3DR Solo, gimbal and Gopro 4 Black. I am looking to learn from those who have gone before so to speak. I have some...