1. S

    HELP!!! I Need antennae!

    I need a rear leg antenna. Can anyone help me out? Thanks
  2. S

    Trouble with distance and losing connection

    I have alpha antennas .The most distance i can get is 1900 feet and even before that distance on some flights i lose connection. Any help or suggestions thanks in advance.
  3. O

    Wifi problems RTH

    I purchased my solo about a month ago. I have been having a lot of Return to Home. I haven't been able to go 350' up or away from my controller with out one. I upgraded to the ALFA paddle antennas with out improvement. I am flying in Chicago, however I usually fly from the park out over the...
  4. 3DRnoob

    2017 REXUAV PURE Silver 3DR Solo ULTIMATE Range Antenna/Booster Kit

    REXUAV | HOME Hey guys recently purchased this waiting for it to arrive wondering if anyone here is using it and how far you've got with it. Got about 350m distance 123m altitude in a low wifi congested area before GoPro lost signal with stock setup. With MicroTik upgrade to both Solo and...
  5. Roger Caplan

    remote transmitter antennas

    I'd like to move the transmitter's antennas roughly 20-30ft away from the transmitter body, allowing me to 1) sit in a warm car and 2) put the antennas on a mast so they can clear some nearby trees I have 800mw Mikrotik wifi cards in the transmitter and solo. I've also just ordered 2 Sunhans 3W...
  6. B

    Solo long range antenna suggestions

    I could use some suggestions on a long-range antenna setup. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks so much.
  7. Ed Beck

    Consistently lost connection at 125'

    I've been trying different things to get Solo to stay connected to the controller. I just had the MicroTik cards installed. I went out and tried them using my FPVLR antenna and lost contact at about 100'. I regained contact a couple of times but otherwise it just didn't stay connected. I was...
  8. Matt

    FPVLR Antenna; limited range.

    I have the FPVLR long range antenna and am using 2.4 Sunhans boosters on each side (see photo). I have increased performance over stock but nowhere near the signal strength advertised or that I see posted by other pilots. I cannot get beyond about 2000' without signal loss? I had attributed this...
  9. R

    Shell Replacement

    going to be doing a shell replacement due to a user error crash. following these instructions. I see him using some "super x glue" on the antenna's connectors. What kind of glue is this? SuperX glue is from japan and I'm not in japan. Anyone use a substitute for that job? thanks for the help
  10. indonesianpilot

    Antenna RSSI

    hello guys, so i build a custom antenna for solo. What i want to know is about FPVLR and Alfa patch antenna RSSI value if controller and solo distance at 1 meter. Stock antenna is about -30db. My custom antenna is -18db. Can someone help me?
  11. S

    Best After Market Solo Antenna

    Hey guys. Have a new Solo with all the kit in Australia. Love it. Now we have some amazing coastlines and water areas, and I'm desperately searching for the best long-range antenna to plug into my Solo. I don't need a 4mile setup. But I'd like something robust, easy to plug in and still...
  12. Rex Barlow

    RP-SMA 2.4GHz 25 DBi Yagi Wireless WiFi Antenna

    what do youi think of it? will it be stronger and further?
  13. agge_30

    Crashed My Solo

    Hi guys! Messed up today... I was going to fly my solo and in takeoff I smashed into a wall. It just falled like 2 meters from the sky so the fall didn't broke anything. The problem is that it still went full throttle like in takeoff on the ground. So it broken all the 4 proppellers and I...
  14. I

    I had a bad controller radio and didn't know it

    (Sorry for the long-winded post, but I prefer to be thorough) I’ve recently received my Solo back from a long stint at 3DR headquarters in San Diego. It had an issue that I haven’t seen mentioned before, so I thought that I’d post about it just in case it helps someone. If anyone has this...
  15. DroneNerd702

    Just in case, flying the solo around other quads

    Yesterday, I attended my local club's drone day event, first attendance, and the first thing I noticed once my Solo was airborne along with other quads, I got intermittent outages on my iPad's video feed. So, I swapped out the stock antenna with my fplvr and that fixed it. A bit disappointed...
  16. Markster0

    FPV Range increase

    I have a stock IRIS+ with the FPV setup, Tarot Gimbal and GoPro. My video signal seem to crap out at about 140 -160 meters. Are there better antennas I could use? Is my Vid Tx (3M stick tape to underside) wiggling causing signal loss? what are your thoughts. I'd really like to get closer to...