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    commercial use license help

    You are going to need a Part 107 license from the FAA to work with the real estate company. If you want to get paid by the real estate company you are going to have to prepare a W-4 form for them, and decide whether you are going to use your SS number, or get a new FEIN number from the IRS. If...
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    commercial use license help

    As of December 2016: You have to register the specific drones you will use for commercial work. You can still get an N number, and must do that to use the drone outside the US. But, you have to register on paper and supply a copy of the bill of sale (to you) and a notarized declaration...
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    Peau Productions Lenses and cameras.....

    Yes, use the search function. But short answer is that for video an ND filter helps reduce the shutter speed. I find it essential in bright light. My ideal is to get a shutter speed 1/(2 x the frame rate) seconds. Example, for a frame rate of 30 fps, a shutter on video of 1/60 second will...
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    Only MALES can fly sUAVs??

    Yes, it is male dominated, but it doesn't have to be. There is no overt barrier I am aware of, but it reflects the bias of society. Much depends on the influence of fathers IMHO. So, Dads, take your daughters flying!
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    3DR Solo Barometer Claim

    Sure, replace it, but I can't believe that the Solo has a barometer.
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    Attachment for full cage guard (even crash upside down).

    I flipped a Phantom 1 after playing with the ESC settings. I have never flipped my Solo or Phantom 4. If the four ESC modules are working properly I don't really see how you would flip the thing. Why would I want a cage? I would just have to keep taking it off to get it into the case.
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    Who has NOT crashed Solo despite using it many times?

    I have crashed once in a year of flying the Solo. It was while flying manual while it was windy. It was my fault; mixed up the controls and flew into a palm tree in slow motion. It was like watching a flying weed wacker trying to chop down the tree. Shortened the front blades about an inch.
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    FPV goggles recommendation?

    I gave up on looking for FPV goggles earlier this year for several reasons. First, if you are flying by yourself then you have to deal with the issue that many of the controls, such as starting smart shots, require interaction with the monitor and if you are using FPV goggles there is currently...
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    Solo controller not charging

    I have not had this problem, but controller issues seem to resolve when I remove the battery (it requires carefully tugging on a cable connector in the battery compartment, so as not to pull the wires out of the connector) and then reconnect. It seems to perform a cold boot.
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    Any Left Coasters on here

    Leave it home. I ran Dana Point through the Skyward map planners (see attached), and while the city area appears to be in Class G airspace, you are just north of the San Onofre nuclear power plant, and the Camp Pendleton Marine Corp base, and south of the 5 mile limit for John Wayne airport. (I...
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    Best Android Tablet for Solo

    I don't think most of these answers are responsive to the question. For flying I use an iPhone 6s. It is a balance thing; my iPad Mini makes the controller top heavy. The question here is what is the best to use for Tower. I have the same question.
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    pano stitcher

    You may be eligible for a prize for creating a set of unstitchable images. Photoshop worked for an hour and ended up with garbage. Lightroom refused within seconds. The best that could be done are two separate panoramas, attached. The art of making a successful panorama starts in the camera...
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    pano stitcher

    Yes, Hughin. Hugin - Panorama photo stitcher Hughin is basically a GUI using a Panorama Tools engine. As is typical with open source projects, however, it is filled with lots of power and a complicated interface. They have tutorials at SourceForge page. If you intend on making some wall...
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    Free Music / SFX Resource for Your Videos - Over 2000 Tracks

    I used this for a demonstration video here: Thank you Eric.