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    Peau Productions new remote gopro stock profile remover now out

    I got it to work as well, though I did the sequence like 10 times and never got to the end. Each time I ended up waiting and after a long period (15min and one time even an hour) I just restarted. Of course I tested in between and so after many times the pink was gone - so it must have worked...
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    SOLEX trable 25PAL

    I don't know where this info comes from, but in the Hero4 manual, it says you can use 50fps at resolutions up to 2.7K. So only 4K50fps is not possible. 1080p at 50fps is certainly possible. I use it very often and mostly [email protected] What am I not getting?
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    SOLEX trable 25PAL

    I wonder what the FOV has to do with PAL, but is this helpful?
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    Read it and Weep......

    For me the Solo was a 'step in' drone. I was sure later on there would come a bigger 3DR drone that could hold a bigger camera (the forbes article mentions a project just like that). In the mean time I would start with the Solo and get used to the smart shots. But then 3DR turned that page. I...
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    GoPro HERO4 Black/Silver update v4.0

    About the 'crop' issue. I remember this a while ago: Tablet shows scaled video image - only when recording Same issue it seems, not?
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    To Solo or not to Solo? That's the question

    As much as I love the Solo for what it's capable of, one very important reason I bought it is my believe in 3DR as a company that loves their customers and user community. I'm considering buying a second Solo for spares, if I can find a way to get a 'sales' one to Belgium. For the moment I'm...
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    Any Black Magic Gurus out there

    I'm in the same quest... The black magic micro STUDIO camera is actually not a great option. Limited dynamic range and no so good in low light. It is really meant to be used in a well lit studio to deliver 4K broadcast (TV) quality. If you want a nicer picture in cinematic quality with wonderful...
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    Button B.Multi point Cable Cam.

    I am on android and did all the above (removed and installed SOLO app, disabled the 2 record functions to tablet and trigger by smartshot). It seemed to work for 1 cable. The second one, the app froze again. But now after a restart it seemed to work again (one time). Maybe I'll have to restart...
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    Button B.Multi point Cable Cam.

    I had a job today and got an upset customer because cable cam didn't work. The exact same thing happened to me: Start Cable Cam, A-button works fine, but when I try to end the cable with the B-button (controller or tablet), cable cam freezes and I had to restart the Solo App just to get out of...
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    Peau Productions new remote gopro stock profile remover now out

    Since Peau mentions 'windows' and not a version 7, 8 or 10, I thought XP might do. Since I have 3 up to date computers (all Mac's) and only one windows machine for obscure stuff that specifically needs windows (rarely use it - just opened the netbook today since 2 years), I would rather not...
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    Peau Productions new remote gopro stock profile remover now out

    I bought the "Download: Remove GoPro Lens Profile" as well. This is what I did and where I got stuck: - downloaded the removal .zip - tried on my netbook with Windows XP - a command prompt window came up and disappeared, then I got a webpage telling me to update Java. - updated to latest version...
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    Solo 5 Bay Battery Charger.. Interested?

    Belgium - Flanders - Halen to be exact. I bought my SOLO in France (Studiosport).
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    Solo 5 Bay Battery Charger.. Interested?

    Same here. Couldn't you contact a supplier in Europe to distribute them? Once in Europe, they could just ship them to any country for a reasonable price. If not, please don't exclude shipment to Europe like 3DR is doing from their shop. (We can't order the SOLO and many accessories at the...
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    Solo with Gimbal $599 from 3DR

    To bad, again no discounts in Europe. I'd love to get a second one at these low prices, but to us it's still about €1300 for a Solo with gimbal (and last time I checked, € > $). 3DR are even blocking any direct US sales to European countries. Tried at B&H, but they would not let me buy one.
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    3DR Announces Android App v2.4 out in "few weeks"

    As a long time Apple user, I feel disappointed and somewhat stupid... I love iOS, but for my Solo, I bought my first Android device ever (Nvidia). Since the iPad Mini is more expensive (even more with gps) and Tower was only supported on Android, I thought this was the logical way to go. I even...