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    iOS Update with Multi Point Cable Cam, Save & Load Cables, Time Lapse & Free Look

    I live in the western lakes area of MPLS. There are several sea planes on Lake Minnetonka that show up. Certainly, not an airport or even a landing strip per se. I've been ignoring some these. There are smaller airports in the area but are fewer and farther between.
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    Flying the Milwaukee Art Museum

    Right now, I'm still in awe of drone footage, gopro sharpness/4K and the thrill of getting awesome perspectives. Once I'm more comfortable, I can move toward story telling! But here, I feel I can post anything (OK, nothing 10 minutes long) and get some feedback.
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    Flying the Milwaukee Art Museum

    Yeah, I know! I'm a noob when it comes to video and I need more discipline on that but sometimes find it hard to do just that. I have no problem culling and editing when it comes to photography but for some reason, I find it harder with video. So long as I keep learning and trying . . .
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    Flying the Milwaukee Art Museum

    I was visiting the Milwaukee area and had my Solo with me. It was an unseasonably warm day and a good one for flying. Solo mounted with my modified hero 4 black with Peau 3.97mm lens.
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    Video: Stock vs. 4.35 vs. 3.97 mm Peau replacement lens

    I now have the lens and ultimately, like it a lot. I shoot the lens with native white balance and flat and correct in post (as recommended by Peau). This requires a bit more work in post but it's better than default GoPro Protunes with stock lens. I do find the lens to be sharp but also needs...
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    Sunday Morning on the Lake

    Still learning everything from flying to post. This video is certainly not perfect but it was a glorious morning with little wind, warmer temps (for Minnesota) and sun. For those interested, this is my first video with my Peau modified (3.97mm) Hero4 Black
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    Blizzard Videos!

    I just use a piece of cardboard on top of the snow, especially if the snow is soft and fluffy! Works like a charm.
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    Non-Fisheye GoPro Hero 3+ Replacement Lens

    Yup, Peau CPL . . . and thanks. Here's a few more also with the Peau CPL. Can't wait to fly with this rig now.
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    Non-Fisheye GoPro Hero 3+ Replacement Lens

    I just got my Peau 3.97. Preliminary results tell me that the lens doesn't focus as well at minimum focusing distances (1ft) as the stock lens but at middle and infinity, the lens is pretty awesome. Here are a few photos I just took with the lens. I had the camera set to Protunes color but...
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    Solo Pilots; Where In The World Are You?

    Suburbs of Minneapolis . . . Lake Minnetonka
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    Above the Ice Fisherman

    Close . . . Minnesota!
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    Above the Ice Fisherman

    thank you! I hadn't come across that point but will do in the future. This was only flight 4 for me never having flown so I felt FTH was helpful. I should know how to land regardless!
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    Above the Ice Fisherman

    Yeah, you're right about the length . . . I need to get there! Thanks!
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    Above the Ice Fisherman

    After many days at temperates below zero (F), I finally had a warmer, calmer day to do some flying. However, it was dark and dreary. Still learning and making mistakes in flight (a evident in various places). I processed this entire video with Davinci Resolve 12 just to see how it does from...
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    Peau Customer Service - How it's Done!

    Just want to share my recent experience with Peau Productions and their customer service. Last week I sent my GoPro Hero4 Black to Peau Productions to have the lens replaced with their 3.97mm 16MP lens. The camera was to arrive at Peau on Tuesday. I was out of the country and when I returned...