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Sep 4, 2015
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Did anyone already buy a Solo in Europe? I mean mainland Europe, not the UK.
I'm looking for resellers to buy one. Preferable payment in euro's and of course with a good service.
The only one I can find is
Btw. I live inn Belgium...
If you are in Belgium, Boulanger should be working for you. All other Solo resellers in Europe are based in the UK.
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Well, that's the only one I found as well. But they are selling all kinds if electronics and other stuff. They are not multicopter/rc specialized. So if possible I'd rather buy from a more specialized reseller. Like Wex in the uk (who doesn't shop outsider the uk).

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... so does Frys, B+H, BestBuy, ... in the US.
Drones are becoming consumer stuff, like iPhones or for sake, Samsung TVs

I ordered at firstpersonview in the UK, they ship to mainland EU.
Ok. Tnx Steve. I guess it might be a good idea to order there in the UK. If we need some kind of support, we can rely on 3DR or the reseller. If the latter knows a bit about drones, at least the communication will be somewhat smoother.
I hope in the near future there will be more professional resellers in Europe.
Hi Joris,
i live in germany and i ordered my solo in the US at dronefly. There is unfortunately no shop in germany who is selling the solo drone.
Tnx Rollercoaster.
Can I ask you how much import tax you had to pay? If you're willing to share of course.
Hello Joris,
the tax is around 300 EUR, but this is much cheaper as ordered in UK or France.
Hi guys. I have bought my Solo a few weeks ago. To bad I didn't wait for another 5 weeks, since there was a huge price drop on the Solo and gimbal this week.

To help other european Solo customers, I started a blog about shops that sell the Solo. I hope this is helpful for some.
If you're interested, please visit I just started this, so there is still lots of info to be added. Don't hesitate to contribute if you know more shops that sell the Solo in Europe!
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