1. A

    Solex for Solo - Missions Layer map kept snapping to Europe

    Hi There! New Solex user here. Something weird happened today. I mapped a couple of missions on Solex for some sites in Idaho for my work and after connecting to the 3DR Solo, I'm in Solex' Missions Layer and in opening up the Idaho mission I was at on site, the map would first open to my...
  2. R

    3DR repair centre UK or Europe

    Hi I have a 3dr Iris+ and one of the motors only powers up at half throttle, I assumed this was the motor and switched it out and updated the software, unfortunately this had no effect, I guess the only other option would be the ESC however I don't know where that is or how to replace it. I...
  3. Joris

    Solo in Europe

    Did anyone already buy a Solo in Europe? I mean mainland Europe, not the UK. I'm looking for resellers to buy one. Preferable payment in euro's and of course with a good service. The only one I can find is Btw. I live inn Belgium... Tnx.