Solo Controller (Artoo) AT11A - Schematics / Pinouts

I need both controller and solo pcie power distribution schematics I can use part of the schematics here but with out board lay out file hard to tell what capacitor are what on board
Ah sorry - I haven't got /seen the full board layouts.
I don't have an anafi, but I do have a Bebop2 and a Disco. I've not had problems with the skycontroller to iphone connection over USB, but maybe I got lucky. Quite interesting now it was implemented as a custom muxed-usb device (rather than as a USB ethernet gadget).
My interest in having a wired connection between artoo and solex (table), or Mission Planner (PC) means I can play with the Wifi config on the artoo+solo (trying to get a 4G LTE link working), without upsetting the other connections.
I agree - in normal use I've never had a problem linking artoo with my Nexus7 tablet running solex over wifi.
Today I got my solo controller (artoo) to connect to my Nexus 7 over usb. (i.e. a wired link between controller and tablet - not wifi) The artoo was the host, and the Tablet was a RNDIS device (with Android usb tethering enabled).. I had to rebuild the artoo kernel once more - this time not just with the cdc_ether modules that the 4G dongle needs, but the RNDIS HOST module which is what linux computer needs to tether with an android (as an Ethernet deice) over usb.. What I found interesting was:

- QGroundcontrol 100% worked - Mavlink & Video**
- Mission Maker for ardupilot (formerly called Tower) 100% worked - Mavlink and video**
- Solex (my favourite app to use with sol) partially worked - Mavlink fine, but video didn't connect

*** For the video to work in Qgroundcontrol, and Mission Maker I had to do the known trick (see here Streaming live video from the 3DR Solo – Mark Turner dot Net) to initiate a connection (e.g. via telnet) from the tablet to port 5502 of the IP address of the artoo (not but the assigned 192.168.8.x address given by the tablet. This then got the artoo to feed video from the Solo's gopro 4 Black to the tablet. In Mission maker I couldn't get the solo video option to work, but the udp stream to port 5600 did work... I reckon only a small mod to Solex would be needed to get it (the video) to work. Anyway I can use Solex for the map + telemetry, and then have a seperate 7" monitor connected to the hdmi out on artoo (and that also works fine in this configuration).

Is there any point to this... ? Well for the 4G lte project I'm working on it's nice to have a wired connection between artoo and the groundstation tablet /phone - and the tablet can give artoo an internet link so as to be able to run the zerotier vpn client (to connect to the solo) . Also I think it's quite nice that artoo can keep the tablet charged up (as my old Nexus 7 goes flat very quickly).
Ah sorry - I haven't got /seen the full board layouts.
Professorpip do yo have a full pic of the artoo pcb it's the bottom one in your post of PDF s showing in green not parts of it are cut off in the image that's what I'm looking for also if you have one for the solo link
Anyone have any information about the Artoo stm32 board schematic?
After 2 more years I have the same request as NiltonMadede. Does anyone have the transmitter/controller schematic ?
I just need to hook a custom 2S 7.4V battery to a controller and I don't fully understand why there are 5 wires instead of 2 or 3 (for balance charging).
The original battery codes are : DPC-DRS100RH, DPC-DRS120RX. I just want to do a custom battery (please don't redirect me to amazon/ebay).
IP address of the artoo (not but the assigned 192.168.8.x address given by the tablet.
@Professorpip would it be possible get a copy of your image? I need to turn the Solo controller into a Wi-Fi client for a project I am working on. Thanks in advance for your work!

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