I'm sold on Solo based on these answers to my questions

May 4, 2015
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Given P3 software limitation, fixed limits on altitude, no GPS waypoint mission, and a long list of dislikes


1. Are there preset altitude and distance limits for GSP aided flights? If so can they be adjusted to no limit?
You can set any limit up to 400ft or unlimited

2. Are there preset altitude and distance limits for GPS/waypoint/mission flights? If so can they be adjusted to no limit?
No limits

3. Is there a manual fight mode?
Yes, multiple

4. Is there a limit to the number of waypoints in the mission planner?
maybe 700?

5. Is there a return to home function for low battery power?
No, there are 3 warnings and an Auto-land. You will be prompted to come home but you’re in control.

6. Is there a return to home function for loss of control signal?

7. What is the projected flight time on a fully charged battery during mild environmental conditions and mild flight conditions?
20+ min out of the box

8. What are the controller transmission/receive frequencies and respective output power?

2.4 Wifi, no idea on output power
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I will continue to fly my P2V3 with stage 2 FPVLR until Solo ships then give my daughter the P2
The waypoints is a hardware limit, the Pixhawk has 718, that should be more than you ever need as I know people doing commercial work mapping across countries not coming anywhere near the max.
I am sold on the Solo having now had 5 Phantoms the latest P2 H3-3D which simply fell out of the sky after its 3rd 5 min flight and told by the (so called main dealer Heliguy in the UK) that it was my fault that it was pilot error and it would not be warranted. The problem was the SMB plug a dry joint.
I have flown RC fixed wing and Heli's for over 35 years I'm not stupid I have had my fill of DJI and their operations and products.
They still have my money and the machine which was returned to them as unfit for purpose.
I am £1049 out of pocket and now have to take them to court.

It was Colin who gave a lot of us the incentive promoting DJI with his help video's.
He had a great following so hopefully 3DR will now gain a lot of ex DJI pilots through him.

As for the 3DR support I called them last week the phone rang it was answered within less than a minute by a human :) he answered all my questions something which in 2 1/2 years dealing with DJI you could never get not even a reply to emails.
Now hopefully with Colin at 3DR the world will have a great US product which will give us all the confidence to fly safely and enjoy the hobby more.Good Luck 3DR Solo
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