I'm in!

May 5, 2015
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Great to see the growing community here!!

The solo will be the BLACK sheep of my collection and sit right in-between my 2 phantoms!!;)
i thought u got out of the Drone hobby.
i thought u got out of the Drone hobby.

LOL! What made you think that?? If anything I've gone deeper and deeper!

Are you stalking me?? HAHA! JK.:p
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i remember your phantom vision 2 plus.
i remember your phantom vision 2 plus.
Yeah, I sat the plus out after the problems but have 2 V3"s. One is with DJI right now after a 200' plummet to the ground but will be back in the air soon!!
Almost jumped on the P3 bandwagon but decided to sit it out and wait for the SOLO.
got both on order.
Nice! I haven't ordered the solo yet. I have never been willing to do pre-orders. I like to keep my $$ as long as I can but I have the funds set aside for the solo, gimbal, and gopro!!
DJI has always seemed to do things a bit shady so I'm sitting out on the P3 for now. Figure I'll pick one up used at some point just to have one.
yeah got it yesterday.
spen long time trying to updwte than noticed it was the first solo not the replacement.
deleted the first solo and it went smoothly after that.
had everything working and got it to go into fly mode in back yard with out the props.
windy todat 12 to 15 moh.
maby tomorrow.
camera hooked up and working like an old buick.

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