He's back! And he's not happy!

The only issue with rebuilding the old batteries is being able to source single cells, as the arrangement of having one battery offset is a bit of a pain.
Otherwise it would be a simple replacement inside the battery case.
They are not too difficult to get apart.
Hope some of you brainiacs figure it out! I want a Solo so badly!
I’m stocking up while their still affordable,I can see them going up like the gimble
Hope you sent a copy to 3dr, not that it will help. They did advertise "upgradeable". We just missed the fine print that read " if parts are available ". Great job!
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Thanks for the video. I think. I'd still rather fly my Solo than my DJI birds and all that DJI firmware crap. So fly them until they drop, fly them until the last battery has pooped its last pop, fly them until they have flipped their last flop. (sorry been watching too much Dr. Seuss)... Perhaps with all the great DIY types in the Solo community necessary parts will rise from the ashes.
Speaking of parts, just ordered a couple more batteries from B&H. They were 34.79 (12/20 @9pm). No tax, and free shipping.
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