1. TheBasicPilot

    He's back! And he's not happy!

  2. R

    Solo Super Bundle. Includes GoPro H4Black,3 batts, Backpack, AND selling 3 Gimbals; 1 NIB, 2 used.

    I am selling my backup Solo bundle. It's a full set setup which includes a Solo (only flown about an hour total just to test it and not crashed. It's perfect) 3 batts (used maybe twice each), literally like new backpack, 3 sets of props, chargers, etc. This is all literally new, minus an hour...
  3. C

    Gimbal's at Best Buy

    I bought my solo at a Best Buy a few weeks ago. No gimbals on the shelf and they did not show up on a search on the Best Buy website for store pickup. However when I called the same store and asked for the Sku 5352061 they said it was in inventory and can look up other stores in the area. So try...
  4. Morenos Studios

    3D Robotics Claim Best Buy Will Receive Gimbals This Weekend!

    I called 3D Robotics today informing about when will Best Buy receive the 3DR Sight Gimbals and was informed that they should have them by the end of the week. I also enquired about when would preorders and new orders placed on the 3D Robotics site be shipped; they informed me gimbals are...