Drone wont connect to controller And wont factory reset.

Jun 5, 2023
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My 3dr solo drone wont connect to the solo controller. Ive factory reset the controller but when i try to factory reset the drone, it does the fast orange blinking thing then stops and starts blinking slowly and never factory resets. Ive checked the SD card isnt loose and everything is plugged in properly but still no luck. Any way anyone can help me with this? Solo controller is on firmware 4.0.0 and i can connect to the controller through the app but not the drone. Controller just says "waiting for Solo". I have no idea what could be the issue. Im using SidePilot on iOS and when i enter the wifi info on the config section of the app, it says the solo must be on and connected to the controller. But the controller wont connect. I flashed both the sd card from the controller to 4.0.0 and the sd card from solo to 4.0.0 and still no luck.
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I needed to manually update the firmware on the Solo drone to 4.0.0 by flashing the sd card with the new firmware. Once I did this, i started the drone and it started pulsating rainbow colors (this means an update is in progress). The lights stayed rainbow for several hours even though the update had finished so I simply rebooted the drone and all is well. Everything works and the baby flies like I just bought her yesterday.
My drone is missing the Sdr card with the firmware. Where find them
The sd card is buried inside the drone, under the battery bay, on other side of board. Here is a YouTube video showing the location:
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Ok but how do you update the sd card with new firmware?
Detailed instructions are here: documentation/install_sdimage.md at master · OpenSolo/documentation

Read the entire thing! Everything you will need to know is there. Read it twice!

Be very careful when extracting the SD cards, both Solo and controller require considerable disassembly. Carefully remove the hot glue goop they used to secure the cards with an Exacto knife before removing the cards - they are very easy to break...

Once the cards are flashed and the units reassembled, make sure to let the Solo do it's thing for at least 10 minutes before power cycling as there is no indication that the process is complete. USE A CLOCK, let it cook for 10 minutes.

I have done this multiple times and can assure you that it works every time, first time...Best Luck!

"Patience is a virtue - possess it if you can" (author unknown)

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