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Jan 15, 2017
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Can anyone please help me with this question? Does the flight data recorder give the date and time of each individual flight? I'm dealing with returning a so called refurbished like new Solo I won at auction on eBay for $185 as I had a suspected it may have been previously used although I simply told the seller I changed my mind which was acceptable according to their money back guarantee. After returning it in the same condition it came to me to the seller the seller is claiming that they can only refund half of my money due to signs of use and possibly misuse!! Unfortunately I didn't realize the seller only has a 96% positive feedback rating and they have had several other people claim that the seller is shady and to beware when dealing with them, one person flat out called them a liar which seems pretty accurate to me at this point. Also I really screwed up by not taking any pictures of the condition of the drone when it came to me. It wasn't until I received my new drone that I knew what it should have looked like from the factory. Only after I made a comment about a missing piece of the inner foam packaging to the seller when I confronted them about their accusations did they claim I was responsible for it missing, if only I'd taken pictures! That's what I get for being naive and trusting this person/people. If I can get eBay to get the seller to provide the flight data I should be able to prove I didn't use it if they do actually have day/time stamping. Can anyone enlighten me please, I could really use some good news!! Thanks y'all!
Yes, the dataflash logs are date / time stamped.
That's exactly what I needed to hear. Unfortunately I don't know if I even have a leg to stand on as far as eBay goes. I'll know soon enough. Thanks so much for your answer!

So just hours before I was going to get eBay involved the seller decided to all of the sudden give me the full refund without any explanation as to why! I'm not going to dispute this but I wanna know why they were trying to only give me a partial refund in the first place! Now I'm trying to get the $25 in shipping charges I paid refunded on the grounds that the seller tried to pass a used drone for a refurbished one. I told the seller that if they refund the shipping I'll think about not contacting eBay about the BS they seller tried to pull
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Good luck

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So the seller still claims that I used the drone, damaged it and then sent it back! They said that I am the one lying and that they gave me the full refund simply because they think eBay would have sided with me even though they had pics and I didn't!! lol I call BS but I'm glad that for the most part this ordeal is over. I was thinking of just leaving it as it is but this was truly the worst experience on eBay I've had to date. Be forewarned, AlwaysBlackFriday is the eBay sellers who name and they're out of Ogden, Utah. I just don't want them to be able to do this to anyone else. They have another Solo drone up for auction right now, it says that it's new in an unopened box but if you look closely at the cardboard tabs where you open it you can tell it's most likely already been opened. Anyway I contacted the seller saying I'd like the shipping charges I paid back, and was then told I'm a liar and that I'm a bad person who will get what's coming to me! lol They had the nerve to say they strive to provide the best customer service too. Again all I can say is that I'm glad that's over!!

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