1. A

    4 and 1 esc connection to pixhawk

    Hi I am building my first quadcopter with a Pixhawk Px4 for an academic project. I want to use a 4 in 1 esc that is around 45A. Here is an example: 45A 4 in 1 ESC that I might use. When connecting the esc to the Pixhawk Px4, I was wondering if it is only necessary to connect the signal wires for...
  2. E

    Open Solo 4 with Orange cube

    I recently updated my firmware to Open Solo 4 and noticed the option to install the update for the orange cube. Is anyone using an Orange cube in their solo and can confirm that it works as intended?
  3. Maddog

    Original Pixhawk Needed!

    FOUND ONE! Does anyone have a working original Pixhawk?
  4. K

    Pixhawks compatible PDB

    Hello guys, Here is some pictures of the power distribution board we made. We would make a PDB compatible with PX2.1 & most of flight controllers. Here is a link if you want to see all technical specifications : Power Distribution Board 180A - X8 | Airbot Systems If you want one, do not order...
  5. L

    Pixhawk Wants to Disarm and Fall from the Sky!!!

    I have a Pixhawk running the latest firmware and if I give it min or max aileron or elevator stick for about 2 seconds it disarms my hex while on the bench. Can anyone enlighten me on what is going on? I certainly can’t fly it this way. Thanks for any help.
  6. A

    Bunch of 3DR Pixhawk and parts

    All these items are NIB, complete as shipped to me by 3dr back in the day....sigh. Hopefully there are still people out there using Pixhawk... Pixhawk Controller ($199) 3dr telemetry radio system ($100) U Blox GPS with compass ($79.99) 2x 3dr GPS kits 3dr video /OSD system: camera...
  7. MrDuino

    Pixhawk (Black cube) ‘standard’ carrier boards

    Please forgive me if the answer to this is somewhere in the forums, I have had a good search and read heaps but can’t find anything definitive. With all these Green cubes getting purchased, I’d assume there are loads of people out there with spare black cubes, which could be reused for other...
  8. G

    how do I get a pixhawk to completely ignore pitch roll and yaw

    I am testing something and am needing to use a pixhawk, in order to do what I need to do, but I also need to get the pixhawk to completely ignore pitch, roll, yaw etc. so it doesn't try and correct for them, as that is being dealt with else where in the system, all I need it to do is try and...
  9. Pedals2Paddles

    ArduCopter 3.5 & Pixhawk 2.1 Green Cube Upgrade: Solo Remastered

    You can take down your RIP signs and gravestones. The solo is no longer stale and dead. The Solo is up and running on ArduCopter 3.5.0+ with a Pixhawk 2.1 Green Cube. The community effort to keep the Solo alive has succeeded. Photos by Andrew Emmett, Matt Lawrence, & Stephan Schindewolf...
  10. B

    Pixhawk Parameters

    Hey Guys I'm just starting out, so bear with me. I am trying to find a complete parameter list for the data Pixhawk puts into it's tlog files, specifically what each of the variable names is. I've found plenty of Pixhawk parameter lists, but none that matches what I have. I've attached a...
  11. A

    Need Help with Mission Planner Parameters on Quad

    OK, so this is a little off topic but I know there are plenty of smart & experienced folks (like @Pedals2Paddles )who haunt this forum who may be able to help. I volunteer about 2 hours a week at the local high school to help three student teams prepare for the AMA UAS4STEM competition. This...
  12. F

    pixhawk 2.4.6 and MaxSonar-EZ0 (in front)

    I'm having a problem on my quad I'm using a pixhawk 2.4.6 and a sonar MaxSonar-EZ0, the sonar is IN FRONT OF THE QUAD ... I would like to know which parameter I change in the pixhawk (using mission planner or similar), when the sonar detects object the quad stops or has another attitude. The...
  13. Trader J

    black box info

    Can anyone please help me with this question? Does the flight data recorder give the date and time of each individual flight? I'm dealing with returning a so called refurbished like new Solo I won at auction on eBay for $185 as I had a suspected it may have been previously used although I simply...
  14. A

    Opera ESC Help on Pixhawk Phantom

    Hello friends, I am having a lot of trouble with these ESC's. For some reason I cannot get them to react to a signal from Pixhawk. I tested them using a servo tester and they work fine but not when hooked up to Pixhawk. I also removed one ESC and replaced it with a standard 30A ESC and it...
  15. C

    Continuous Calibration Error Upon Fresh Startup - DYI Fix

    I bought this drone from a private party and I am not looking for advice with customer service are trying to get 3dr to repair that drone. I am looking for advance advice with fixing the issue myself; be it changes to the software and its setting or replacement of parts. Ok with that out of the...
  16. I

    For Sale - New - 3DR Aero-M RTF Kit - $4000

    Hey guys! In an effort to clear some room at our offices, we're parting ways with a new RTF Aero-M in it's hard case with Spektrum DX6 Radio and Canon S-100 Camera. We've got some other DJI equipment in another forum as well, but more to the point this is a legacy product of 3D Robotics for...
  17. E

    3DR DIY Quad 10 mins flight time lots of extras

    3DR DIY Quad w/Pixhawk. I bought two Phantom 3 Pros while building this. I flew it a couple of times briefly. Not a scratch. I have 5 unused batteries, Tarot 2D gimbal for GoPro, GoPro 4 Black (barely used with 2 batteries and ALL the accessory attachments), 5.8 GHz FPV air end, Futaba Rx. All...
  18. C

    Solo Providing Telemetry Data to FLIR Vue Pro?.

    Hello Everyone, I have mounted a FLIR Vue Pro R thermal camera core to my 3DR Solo for obtaining still thermal-IR images. The Vue Pro has an Accessory Port cable that is pre-terminated to connect properly with the 3DR PixHawk TELEM 1 port (see attached illustration from Vue Pro user guide)...


    I'm asking your help to integrate my equipment. I bought one hexacopter to make photos and mapping. I bought a Samsung NX500. It is an amazing cam but I am experimenting problems to find the right stuff to have FPV and trigger. Using a Gimbal Iflight G40. So, I can't see the camera images or...
  20. J

    Pixhawk connected to an AR7700

    Has anyone connected an Spektrum AR7700 serial receiver to a Pixhawk? I am interested in connecting it using the Remote Receiver or SRXL ports. Where would you connect the AR7700 Remote Receiver port to the Pixhawk? Where would you connect the AR7700 SRXL port to the Pixhawk? Horizon Hobby...