wifi connectivity

  1. Remifrog

    Help with wifi connection.

    Hi, i've just bought a 3dr Solo and im new to drones. I have a problem connecting my device to the controller wifi. I have an Asus Zenfone 2, and every time i try to connect to the wifi it says it has authentication error. I hope you guys can help me. Thanks!
  2. F

    wifi connection and Solo factory reset issues

    So I connected my Iphone to the Sololink wifi and it connected with no internet access, then went to connect the Sololink app to the Solo and it said I had to connect it first even though I had just did that. So I tried pulling out the battery to the controller for 30 seconds then tried again...
  3. O

    Wifi problems RTH

    I purchased my solo about a month ago. I have been having a lot of Return to Home. I haven't been able to go 350' up or away from my controller with out one. I upgraded to the ALFA paddle antennas with out improvement. I am flying in Chicago, however I usually fly from the park out over the...
  4. TUCAN2016

    connectivity problems between controller wifi

    Hi guys, I finished my factory reset but now the wifi between the controller and the drone it's not working, I cannot find a way to finalized the update from the controller to the drone because it keep showing the message as no internet connection when I select solo link. Can anyone tell me what...
  5. D

    RedEdge on Solo

    First I'd like to mention that the MicaSense RedEdge appears to be a very nice camera and the Solo seems to be a decent platform for it; I'm looking forward to using it for mapping meadow vegetation in a couple of weeks. But I'm having a very difficult time connecting to the wifi. The RedEdge...
  6. D

    App doesn't recognize connection

    Same story different owner. Drone and App worked well for the first 5 short flights. Then I lost "connection" and never got it back. App still wants me to connect even though the wifi appears connected. My iPhone shows a check mark next to the wifi so it appears I'm connected to the Solo...
  7. Q

    Open inquiry for this novice pilot please!!

    Hey guys, I've had my solo for about 6 months now and have been super nervous flying in some situations that may be totally unreasonable... Now this hesitation stems from low flight time and two crashes (low level impacts). I am hoping to get some good feedback from some of you who may have...
  8. Brian Simmons

    Solo app won't connect to my android 6.0 devices

    Bought Solo used this weekend and have not been able to connect to the app through my HTC one M9 or my Nexus tablet 7.0 both running android build 6.0 The interesting thing is the chap I bought from had a tablet and performed test flight and he had no prob. I believe he had an iOS tablet...