1. C

    Solo is turning off Automatically after one motor gives "pop" sound

    Guys, I bought a brand new Solo from B&H. Yesterday I opened that and updated the system as instructed and then started it. First I hold the Fly button and motors started and then I hold Fly button again to fly. (Did this first time without props on, i wanted to test it). When I press and hold...
  2. S

    Motors!!! Shred Solo Shred, time to upgrade...

    I've been searching and reading and reading and searching, and I just want to know what the best option for a motor upgrade is. I have found 2 suitable upgrades that are genuinely affordable and I thought that now would be a good time to give love to an old bird. T-Motor MT2212-13 Professional...
  3. K

    Pixhawk 2.0 for motor vibration analysis - need a carrier board

    Working on using a spare Pixhawk 2.0 cube for motor vibration analysis and dynamic balancing. 1. Stand-alone test bed for single motors, first for Solo motors with board, later for motors alone 2. Audio measurements (FFT of recordings, dB loudness) 3. Mission Planner software connected by USB...
  4. Mauiwind

    How to do the wrong thing

    OK, I'm really hating myself this evening. All I wanted to do was glue the nuts onto the Master airscrew props. Yes, as shown in someone's vidi I used what i thought was just a little bit of glue and them screwed the props down onto the motors. Lo and behold, one of the props was stuck. (I...
  5. D

    Solo Parts For Sale

    I crashed my Solo and have decided to part ways with the parts, and 3DR, instead of buying a new one. I had only flown my solo a few times before the crash. Device would power on and connect in fly mode after crash. The shell was basically destroyed, but other parts in pretty good condition. I...
  6. Roger Caplan

    motor pod testbench?

    I'd like to take a motor pod out of a solo and control it directly (i.e. wired up on a testbench). What are the options for controlling a motor pod (ignoring the LEDs) without a solo mainboard?
  7. K

    Solo replacement parts questions from a new owner.

    Hey everyone! I've been reading over the forum for a couple weeks now learning all I can and have really picked up some valuable information! Just picked up my first solo about a week ago from Best Buy with they're current deal, I was in love from the first flight! I also have a TTROBOTIX...
  8. Roger Caplan

    non-self-tightening props?

    What are the options for using non-self-tightening props on the stock motors? Can the self-tightening adapters be removed/replaced on the stock motors?
  9. djdusk

    My first crash

    First post on here! When I received my brand new Solo, I was excited. With no experience, I spent hours on the simulator until I felt comfortable. I read through this forum's FAQ and pre-flight check (well done btw) then began my first flight. It was super easy, albeit nervous. I did a couple of...
  10. 13nikos62

    Question about replacing Motor Pod Bearings with Sealed Bearings

    I asked this question in another thread and did not get an answer so I thought I'd try here in a new thread. I recently bought sealed Boca bearings and was wondering whether or not a light lubricant should be used around the top of the motor shaft where the washer and circ-clip sit. If they...
  11. J

    Strange whistle from motor during flight.

    Hi guys, Yesterday i had a strange wistle during my flight, i try to record it. I'dont know if it cause by wind on drone feet or if one of my pod crying. Did you hear something strange on this movies ? It's a kind of metallic clink. You can hear it better at 0,25s. When i try to test my...
  12. N

    Shipping time for warranty parts from 3DR

    Hi All, Would like to ask, how long usually it takes 3DR to ship parts in case of warranty accident. Had a crash, 3DR wrote they will ship my warranty replacement motors on 21 Jan 2016 and "You will receive an email confirmation along with tracking number once the order ships to you.", but...
  13. RolandS888

    Motors Swapped to T-Motor 2216-12 800kV

    Well, I have proven one thing, the stock motors are NOISEY!! Changed the motors to T-Motor 2216 800kV and spun them up and they are smoooooth as. Night and day difference to the stock motors. Vibes are GONE. Actually, the vibes were competely gone without the self tightening prop adapters, once...