motor pod testbench?

Sep 25, 2016
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I'd like to take a motor pod out of a solo and control it directly (i.e. wired up on a testbench).

What are the options for controlling a motor pod (ignoring the LEDs) without a solo mainboard?
@RolandS888 post that applies to what you're looking for is found here: Motors Swapped to T-Motor 2216-12 800kV

On the Solo motor pod the 3rd (Ground) and 4th (signal) pins of the 8 pin plug are what you need to connect to in order to get a pod running out of Solo. Just connect a 4S lipo to the main wires, and a servo driver to pins 3 and 4 and away you go. The pod fires up at 1060mS and full throttle is at 1860mS, so I guess 1460mS is half throttle.

With the pod powered on 4S the leds go green as a default.

My setup more or less mimics Rolands', and I can confirm this work. A 4S load is 14.8 volts, but I'm guessing 16 volts is within spec. The motorpod I'm testing this on is a REV 1, and at 16 volts (with no flight loads) its drawing about .7 amps at max throttle, which correlates to a PWM signal of about 1860mS. These values are also confirmed in the simonK github directory @RichWest shared earlier: GitHub - 3drobotics/solo-esc-simonk: Firmware for Solo ESC REV2 - Based on SimonK firmware

.7 amps seems way too low even without load, I would expect considerably more, but perhaps this is normal perhaps not. It's not worth looking in to as it's a junk sunnyskies motor on an obsolete ESC. With propellers under load, you would probably see upwards of 12 to 15ish amps I think.

The arduino is in the picture simply because it's providing a 5 volt power supply to the HiTEC HFP-30.

Here's a 20 second video of all the action:
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