hero 4 silver

  1. M

    Getting new GoPro first one ever to use with gimble

    quick question everyone :) Does the hero 4 silver work fully with the gimble and all controls I hear about it from other users being able to do? And last but not least will I have to detach the gimble every time I want to put it back in the carrying case it came with? Just wondering if there...
  2. M

    No video feed from solo, tips?

    I have a hero 4 silver which was updated yesterday and a solo and controller with 2.4.0 but still no video feed at all sometimes I will have it for a minute or two then I will lose it. Please help thanks
  3. RC Zee

    Hero 4 Black Causing Solo Restart

    I have both the Hero 4 Silver and Black models and have used both in the solo gimbal. The black model will cause the Solo to restart after being shutdown for several second. Only two ways to stop the automatic restart is to remove the solo battery before it powers back up or remove camera from...
  4. S

    Another video issue

    Hey All, Yes, I'm another person with a frustrating video problem. Ok, here's my setup: 1. Solo with gimbal 2. GoPro Hero 4 Silver Latest firmware loaded on everything. Video used to work fine from my Solo to my iPad Mini. Just stopped working after I did the most recent Solo firmware...