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  1. tickingheart


    Looking for accessories to complete drone (Such as Backpack, extra batteries etc...) Open to buying slightly used parts. Current shipping is 26260 :)
  2. tickingheart

    wtb, looking for, looking to buy

    Looking to buy a gimbal, backpack, go pro hero 3 or 4, props, batteries, chargers. (May also be looking for solo drone, possible wifi) Thanks for any help, ideas, or leads :)
  3. R

    Sony Unveils the RX0, a Miniature Camera with Big Ambitions

    Oh Masters or Space and Time, here my plea. Let there be someone out there, the Obiwan Kenobi of engineering and development, who will figure out how to replace the hated GoPro Hero 3/4 with a real camera ... and determine some way to use it within the beloved Solo frame. (May the farce be...
  4. S

    Gimbals for sale.

    I've got 3 NIB. $150 +shipping
  5. tickingheart


    Looking to buy drone (used/good) Would be nice to have the accessories/bundle that goes with it. Also interested in go pro 4. Thank you :) :) :) wtb solo most likely this month, thanks.
  6. tickingheart

    Looking to buy Solo Drone

    Looking to buy drone (used/good) Would be nice to have the accessories/bundle that goes with it. Also interested in go pro 4. Thank you :) :) :) wtb solo most likely this month, thanks.
  7. Ivan Riobla

    I just got my Solo today. i need some basic info, all help appreciated

    Well the solo app is not compatible with my phone, i just got my phone 2 months ago, Alcatel idol3 so I guess i need to pay for this other solax app that could work. now i got this drone because i have a gopro hero 3 black+ ... i bought the solo and i order the gimbal from best buy, but with...
  8. F

    Video not transmitted to controller while recording.

    Not sure what am doing wrong. Solo/Go pro 4 transmitting video to LG tablet while on the ground, but after ascending in altitude there is no video on the tablet. Video in camera records normally in flight. Camera WiFi turned off, video mode, 30FPS, 1080 wide. I have WiFi from Solo on the tablet...
  9. M

    GoPro not Staying Powered On in Gimbal

    Hello, I purchased the Solo drone with a gimabl during Black Friday and went out for my first flight today. The drone flies great, the gimbal keeps my GoPro steady, except the GoPro won't stay on for more than 5 seconds. I have a GoPro Hero 3+ Silver (which now reading seems to have issues with...
  10. T

    session works

    you can connect the session to the drone but it won't have any hdmi connection
  11. R

    GoPro auto on stopped working after update

    Hi all, I just updated my Gp4Blk to the latest (v.4.0.0) an now the camera doesn't turn on automatically. It turns off when I power down but not on. When I do have the camera on I can change the mode but when I change the field of view on the video there is no difference. The current settings...
  12. franknitty69

    Solo in New Zealand

    Shot on Solo in New Zealand. Video uses a combination of GoPro Hero 4 Black and GoPro Hero 4 Black with Peau 3.97 lens modification. For more info please visit Solo Smart Drone | 3DR | Drone & UAV Technology I'm not sure who was the pilot on these shots.
  13. B

    Gopro didnt record complex scene

    i was shooting good scenes the week end, but the most complex one, a scene of about 6 min wasnt recorded on my go pro, when downloading the files i got a message of an error from gopro and the scene isnt there. Any idea of what happened? (Btw i have the hole scene on my mobile at low res)
  14. D

    Solo App: Record button is grey

    Why i cant press the record button in the solo app? Sometimes, when i take out the Go Pro, it hung. Anybody facing this issue? camera: Go Pro Hero 4 : Black gimbal: Installed sotware: Updated 2.1.0 Go Pro Version: Latest
  15. G

    how to use exposure value with solo app 2.1

    Trying to see any difference in the video using EV setting from +2.0 to -2.0 they all look the same. My settings are: Camera Hero3+ black Resolution 1080p Fps : 30 Protune on FOV: Narrow White balance: Raw ISO: 400 Low light: Off Color: GoPro color
  16. L

    New never installed 3dr solo gimbal UP for sale!

    Selling a brand new 3-axis gimbal from the 3dr solo drone. I had pre purchased the gimbal and ended up getting it wayy later than i should have an bought an other one during that time. It was never installed and comes with all the accesories for all the go pros. doesnt come with the go pro...
  17. T

    Adjusting Height in Follow-Me Mode

    Hey everybody - I played around with the follow-me mode significantly for the first time this past week in Austin, and it was definitely a learning experience. I figure before I go rambling on my experience - here is my burning question of the night: In follow-me mode, does the Solo stop...
  18. B

    1.3 software update GoPro settings menu

    cant seem to access my hero4 black GoPro settings. Record button works but can't access GoPro menu. I see the tab below the record button but it won't open up. Using android. Don't see any instructions for update on 3dr website. What am I missing??? Thanks
  19. L

    Go pro hdmi

    Damn, I broke the HDMI port on go pro attempting to connect the solo, I called go pro and they don't offer any repair services or recommend any third party repair company. Any suggestions?