1. franknitty69

    DIY Drones Spirit of 76 3DR Discount

    DIY Drones at 76,000 members -- plus 20% "Spirit of 76" 3DR discount to members DIY Drones has hit 76,000 members so 3DR has created a special thank you 20% discount at the 3DR Store. The discount is applicable for everything except GoPro camera and Enterprise SiteScan products. One time use...
  2. peppys

    3DR Solo /w gimbal discount promocode

    Hello guys, Anyone interested in $400 discount on 3DR Solo /w gimbal? I got a promo code from them when I attended a webinar few weeks ago but sadly I cannot use it right now. The code is only applicable to the Solo drone with preinstalled gimbal - $1400, and you can get it for $1000 You...
  3. vladiator

    3DR website 20% Discount

    Hey All, There is a 20% discount going on at 3DR's online store now. The code is good until THX3DR20 and valid until Jan. 1st. It's good for all 3DR products (even Solo), not GoPro's etc. Looks like Christmas came early! Cheers, Vlad UPDATE: promo can only be used once per person so choose...