3DR Solo /w gimbal discount promocode

Nov 4, 2015
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Hello guys,

Anyone interested in $400 discount on 3DR Solo /w gimbal?

I got a promo code from them when I attended a webinar few weeks ago but sadly I cannot use it right now.
The code is only applicable to the Solo drone with preinstalled gimbal - $1400, and you can get it for $1000

You order it from 3DR website directly and apply the code. I just checked and it works.
PS. I will be happy to get $100-150 in return but hey if you are buying the solo anyway, you will still save a lot of $$$ :))
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I see the price of Solo with gimbal is reduced to $1193 at BH as well ($813 no gimbal). This is the deal I got with mine from BH at Christmas but mine also included a free H4 Silver.
Lucky you :) sounds like a good deal
Well this deal is directly from 3D Robotics' website, not that it matters though. So actually it's the same price if I get 100$ in return :)

Btw, I have never tried "selling" a code before but it seems like waste not using the it. After all it is a win-win (and win for 3DR). I would have bought one more if I were in US :)
Yes, it is a great deal you have there for someone. Too bad you aren't getting one for yourself. Good luck.

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