1. S

    Hiring Contract 107 Pilots in US

    DATAWING EXPANDS NETWORK TO SUPPORT GROWING CLIENT BASE We are excited to invite you to join our national network of UAV drone service providers. DataWing has worked very hard to secure nationwide contracts and now we need to build our ranks to meet demand. This network is different from some...
  2. franknitty69

    Commercial UAS Exemptions by the numbers

    i found this cool website that has aggregated FAA exemptions into some useful info. enjoy. Commercial UAS Exemptions: Interactive Report - Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International
  3. EyeWingsuit

    FAA updates rules

    http://tinyurl.com/UAVcodeUPDATE Part 107 becomes more clear as a result of this update to the rule set as well. Although this predominantly points to educators, it also provides clarity in the narrowing of commercial definitions. Be safe out there.
  4. Ed Beck

    Why I'm a Party-Pooper

    So I know that whenever someone posts a great thing that they're doing I frequently pop up and site regulations. This throws a damper on the thread and also ticks some people off. I have a few good reasons why I do this. Loons take out my plane I was a B-52 Radar Navigator in the USAF. We...
  5. Ed Beck

    333 Expanded for all drones?

    i just heard from a friend that the FAA has changed the rules to say that a 333 exemption would cover all drones approved by the FAA in multiple situations. My current 333 days I can fly my Solo for the purposes I stated on my application. If I understand it correctly I'm now cleared to fly...
  6. F

    333 exemption question

    Hi everyone, I'm in the process of drafting my exemption request and one thing has been nagging at me based on reviewing approved exemptions: is everyone warning their local FSDO 3 days before each flight? does that mean you won't be able to accept a job on short notice? do you call them or...
  7. I

    COA from 333 Exemption

    Not sure if this is the correct place for this, but here goes: I was granted a 333 exemption to fly my drone commercially, and received the FAA's blanket 200 foot COA along with it. While it is a start, the company I work for needs a more permissive COA that allows it to fly up to 400 feet...