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    Upgrade or buy something else?

    My 2 cents worth (as that's about how much its worth). I prefer the 3DR.... still, as it has the expandability and modification ability - the same as a pixhawk (Ardupilot) stuff. There still is a large community out there developing and making advancements with ardupilot (and mission planner and...
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    Flight times

    I had 3 batteries from original purchase in 2015. these three batteries only get 10-12 minutes. I purchased 3 new batteries a few weeks ago and get around 18 minutes from each. These batteries do not last very long and I don't do a lot of flying so over use is not the problem. I would be very...
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    Interesting & worrisome finding - original GPS vs Mrobotic M8N

    Hobby grade GPS & GNSS have contained for some time (since SiRF III chipset from memory) a technology called canyon mode that tries to predict position when, as the technology suggests, you are at the bottom of canyon type situation and you don't have complete view of the entire sky (think inner...
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    mRobotics M8N GPS

    I really would like to have this mRobotics GPS butmy consignment was turned back by Canadian customs (on its way to Australia:eek:) and mRobotics do not reply to there contact correspondence. Shipping was almost as much as the gps. dose anyone know this mob personally as I would really like to...
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    unable to get video from Tx hdmi port

    I have latest software and firmware and now I can't get video from TX HDMI pro. I either get the word 'booting.....' or I just get the 3DR logo on my external monitor? This used to work just fine with previous firmware and app. Ay ideas why with the latest firmware this happens. Video is fine on...
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    Orbit does NOT work with firmware 2.0.0 On android

    Well i can see the app on google Play but it says my Solo App is the current version. should I uninstall the app and reinstall as it does not update to Version 2.0.0 even though the firmware is updated
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    Orbit does NOT work with firmware 2.0.0 On android

    also I do not see any of the new features like multi point cable in the app which the upgrade eluded to? any ideaas
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    iOS Update with Multi Point Cable Cam, Save & Load Cables, Time Lapse & Free Look

    Orbit does not work on the Android version???????
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    Orbit does NOT work with firmware 2.0.0 On android

    Just updated to version 2.0.0 of firmware on android and did some tests. Orbit does not work. it allows you to set centre position by pressing the A button and then the solo app starts making funny noises and won't let you start the orbit? redid compass and level calibration after update as per...
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    Android Brain Trust Puzzle

    I have had troubles with the Solo App parsing GPS coordinates since its release with: 1) update at a rate faster than 3 second interval or haphazardly; 2) accurately represent where I am including when doing an orbit and you use your location as the center and the solo nearly cuts your head off...
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    GoPro Hero 4 Black Connection Issues

    Try manually (or via gopro app) changing the settings of the GoPro to NTSC and not PAL. On IOS PAL will work sometimes with the latest App and firmware and not at all on Android.
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    Firmware 1.3 Pros & Cons

    I only record to the GP not to the tablet as I want good quality video without the artefacts. You still see what the camera sees on your tablet while recording. I have not flown while recording with pal on v1.3 just tested while on the ground.
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    Firmware 1.3 Pros & Cons

    OK Having now extensively tested this with both Android and Ipad with GP4 Black, I can confirm that 1) there are NO issues with PAL and iPad version of Solo APP V1.3 and all the GP settings area available 2) there are issues with using PAL on Android version of Solo App V1.3 in that you can't...
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    Voiding the warranty?

    Straight from the 3DR Solo Support page under Warranty "This Warranty does not apply to: (1) Product subjected to abnormal use or conditions, accident (including without limitation, collision, crash or fire), alteration, or improper repair; " I draw your attention to the words "alteration or...
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    Firmware 1.3 Pros & Cons

    I have GP 4 Black with Android. As soon as you go into settings or try to change between video or still you get error messages. Again I have not tried to record anyway as in my books if you start getting error messages then you need to stop and fix it. It works fine in NTSC and nearly all modern...