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    Free Solo for Parts-Buyer Ships from 22153

    do you still have this available?
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    WANTED: 3DR Solo Main Board

    Anyone with a mainboard for sale, please contact me, I need one asap. Thank you, Matt
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    Calibration Error - Please restart SOLO

    wow, i had given up on Solo, but i just saw all the activity on this thread. No, I haven't fixed it, but I'm going to give it another try tomorrow and then ill post an update.
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    Is 3DR not selling replacement main boards or solo housings anymore?

    Is 3DR not selling replacement main boards or solo housings anymore? They used to sell everything individually, now it looks like they are making you buy a complete solo again? What's going on, complete solo package with gimbal $900-$1,000, a solo buy itself for $700, a controller for $500...
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    3DR Company Status

    Wow I totally made a mistake. I read the wrong date. I found it on a posting from a couple months ago, and misinterpreted the date. Sorry for the confusion guys.
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    3DR Company Status

    Im just now seeing this article, can anybody comment on their status and longevity? 3DR Solo is a NoGo - Drone Flyers
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    Controller looses connection when gimbal/gopro is attached

    I got a new gimbal and when i attach it solo almost immediately looses connection. Then it requires pressing the pairing button to reconnect, but usually won't connect at all, or takes a half hour of messing around to get it to pair again. When I remove the gimbal, everything works fine, not...
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    Multi-cablecam in Alpha

    No, everything functions fine, it's really just a matter of how much battery is required by the time you setup all your shots and get one that works. Hovering, and making fine tuned adjustments, especially in moderate wind conditions, uses much much more battery. Fighting a little wind, plus all...
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    Controller compatibility w/ 7" Tablet

    Just got the Samsung Galaxy 4 7" tablet and it doesn't appear to be mountable on the controller. Vertically the mount doesn't open up enough, and horizontally the clamp is open to much in its closed position. Is this everyone else's experience?
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    A question for the videographers here...

    Guys, it's all about being respectful of others, not drawing attention to yourselves, and flying safe of course. The feds just figured out how the internet worked. They've been going on and on and on about how its a matter of national security that they archive every piece of information they...
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    A question for the videographers here...

    Rules are not Laws. Fly safe, be responsible, but don't be bothered by all this FAA nonsens, it just scare tactics. And it's only enforceable by the FAA. Just be respectful and you won't have any problems.
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    3DR Solo Flyaway

    I would just get up really high because I the rolls would be so big and I could never recover without switching to FLY mode, so i wanted to make sure I had plenty of room to screw up. LMAO, Ive never seen an object fall from the sky faster then SOLO going limp lol. I was pounding that fly...
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    3DR Solo Flyaway

    You may have just solved my problem. I too have not done ACRO since installing the Gimbal, and at the time I would just hit FLY or Pause. Loosing GPS from being inverted makes a lot of sense, and then since I wasn't switching to Manual, and just hitting FLY, RTH, and Pause, that could have been...
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    Fly: Manual gives me 2x to 3x the battery life

    Wait until you have GPS (if you want to), but then take off in FLY: Manuel. Then let the wind and momentum set you up for long smooth glides. Basically I just watch to see which direction SOLO wants to drift off to, then I accelerate in the same direction very briefly, like for one or two...