Y6 Thrown Prop --> what to do w/ X8 rebuild

Jan 7, 2017
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I am rebuilding my Y6 as an X8 because on its second flight the Y6 shed a prop and tumbled out of the sky. I had used the stock prop nuts and had tightened them down as far as I could without risking warping the rotors from the force required to hold them while torqueing. I think a second prop loosened up, because my understanding is that losing a single prop shouldn't cause a Y6 to crash. Both were lower props.


All the Y6 props spin CW relative to their shafts, right? (The inverted ones spin CCW w.r.t. the ground, but from the motor's standpoint it's still CW.) So all six right hand threaded shafts should be self-tightening, right? I had nyloks on order, but the stock hw assembled per mfg instructions shouldn't have failed so catastrophically.

So I read that everyone should use nyloks. OK, good. But my problem is: half of the X8 motors spin CCW. So they *should* be on left hand shafts, yes? But neither 3DR nor anyone else ever sold left hand shaft prop adapters for the 850kv motors.

How big of a deal is it to run CCW motors on a right hand shaft, if I use nyloks? I can hand make left hand shaft prop adapters in my company's shop, if necessary, but would prefer not to. I would rather have motors for which left hand and right hand shaft prop adapters are available, but am not willing to buy eight new motors just for that reason.
Just use nylock nuts.
I always use that and newer had any problems.

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