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Aug 24, 2015
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I'm considering using mission planner at every flight since it tends to be more verbose with regard to displaying errors and problems before arming. Anyone use MP all the time? If I have a wifi connection open can I assume that I'll always be able to see telemetry info in mission planner even while solo is far away? I haven't tested this fully but I assume that the data would just flow over wifi?

I've noticed some Horizontal variance errors in mission planner and support said that these are all GPS related and had to do with signals bouncing around. I can't remember the last GPS error I encountered pre 2.4. I certainly never lost GPS midair like I did last week though I know it's certainly possible. Once it happens to you then you start to second guess autonomous missions. I typically always fly line of sight but on occasion I've had solo briefly go beyond los due to a random tree being in the way.

Was thinking that if I were to ever lose GPS during a tower mission where solo was far enough away where one would have trouble observing its orientation I think the likelihood of disaster is high. By the time the controller notifies you that solo has entered manual mode you might not have enough time to recover. You're usually panic stricken in this situation and that compounds the problem and reaction time. If solo had enough momentum when it loses GPS it could potentially be traveling at high speed in the direction it was heading when it changes to manual. This happened in the recent tower mission I flew where it appeared that solo shot up and appeared to be flying away. I still think it felt more than just a loss of GPS. All I did was lift off via tower and it went up and started flying away. I didn't even enter auto mode yet. The other day I took off in manual because of all the GPS issues I've hit in the past few weeks and solo became uncontrollable and I actually crashed it while trying to bring it down. This is weird. I have tons of flying experience and it seemed to have a mind of its own. I need to look at those logs. It was only about 15 feet in the air and there was barely any wind. I've flown solo in stabilize many times so I find it hard to believe that it was pilot error. But I guess you never know which is why my confidence with solo has diminished significantly since the upgrade.

Back to mission planner. The reason I bring this up is because mission planner would have warned me of potential issues with GPS and I wouldn't have even attempted to put solo in loiter mode yet alone consider a tower mission. I'm thinking that It's not always safe to fly even if the solo app and controller say it is. I always tend to look at hdop too as well as number of satellites. Like I said I've seen mission planner show obvious errors while the controller and app showed it safe to fly. I've also confirmed trouble free flights after ensuring MP is not reporting errors prior to arming. Why are my posts so damn long. Lol. Time to look at the log. I hope my new surface book gets here this week. This old laptop is not a good companion for solo.

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I think you'd feel more comfortable with two GPS modules for the examples that you gave. I mean it is a redundant systems that provides reliable command and control. One is none, two is one...

Since that could be a problem with Solo, you may want to insure your GPS module is the best and all the electrical connections are firm. Maybe one of those cm accurate modules would make better sense for you. I'd imagine they are burnt-in and tested to insure a higher performance.
Are you saying I can put two GPS modules in solo? Never heard of these cm accurate modules.

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All the problems you're describing are not going to be solved by using Mission Planner vs Tower vs the Solo app. Those are flight control and stability malfunctions. All of those applications are just going to give you a new way to watch the crash. Open a ticket to 3DR and get it fixed or replaced under warranty. Flying a dangerously unstable drone is just as dangerous, and just as unstable regardless of ground control application.
My solo is back to behaving reliably again. While it was in that state I did use mission planner to confirm how sick it was..Anyways my fix was a factory and parameter reset and now Solo is back to normal. Still I'd like to use a more advanced GCS and curious how other people use MP if at all.

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I use MP and Tower for my DIY birds and have used it with the Solo. But I got the Solo for the way you can control a drone with the Solo app.When I want to send drone out and just take random video/pics I use Tower and when I'm more involved in what I am videoing there is know better program than the APP. I also use QGround Control.
trying to download tower with no real luck anyone help? The link on 3DR just takes you back to the home page.
trying to download tower with no real luck anyone help? The link on 3DR just takes you back to the home page.
It's available in the Google Play Store. Both a production and a Beta (recommended) version.
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