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Jul 27, 2016
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Hey everyone!

I am taking a surf trip in September to Bali. Definitely want to do a lot of flying over there on my trip! I was curious if Solo would behave like it does in the US as far as GPS and Satellites? Do all the features work like they do in the US in the App?

Any tips about the best way to travel with Solo from LAX to Bali would be appreciated!

Thanks so much friends!
i have a friend from indonesia hes traveling whole map of indonesia without any gps problem. i was in east java last two months my solo locks gps without any problem too
As long as no hills and tree covers, GPS is good in Indonesia.
Near the tropics or "middle earth aka equator" is a good thing for device relying on GPS .
However, actually there is a law on drone flying :
Legal Provisions in Operating Drones in Indonesia

This is kinda grey :
  1. Drones with cameras are prohibited from operating within 500 m from the outer boundary of a prohibited area or restricted area.
  2. If a drone is used for the purposes of photography, filming or mapping, the operator should have with them a licence from the authorized institution and the Local Government. “Local Government” here means the governor, regent or mayor and local officials as the element administering local government.
Rule no 1 in Bali.
They love foreigners. They live off tourist.
Be polite and pretend you do not know the law.
I repeat, be polite and things goes smooth.

They will let u off easy :)

Safe surfing yah...

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