Solo Operations Manual

Although that manual is not a "release" version it demonstrates the level of information and tech writing skill that will be used for the final version. Only 3DR and Eagle Tree provide ample and well written documentation for the end user to take advantage of. A lack of a clear, accurate, and descriptive manual paves the way for a very large number of user errors which in turn get passed on to customer service staff. That adds to operational costs and reduces profits, which later get added on to future product releases and drive up price.

Good to see 3DR is thinking ahead with their documentation instead of leaving the customers to fend for themselves.
hust read the manual on the other forum.
finely some good info.
Good stuff, thanks. now I'll be ready to fly as soon as it arrives
I didn't realize I could mount a GoPro without the gimbal until reading the manual.
If you want there is an option at the top that will download all the pictures and manual to a zip file in one shot.

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