SidePilot can't connect to payload while QGroundControl can

Mar 30, 2021
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I have been attempting to get a stock 3DR Solo working with SidePilot, and I am encountering several issues that I have been unable to resolve after searching online and through the app's documentation.

I am using OpenSolo 4.0.0 with ArduPilot 4.0.3, and have connected my iPad to the SoloLink Wi-Fi network. I am able to use the QGroundControl app to connect and control the copter, as well as receive the GoPro video feed. However, pressing the Connect button on SidePilot causes the icon to blink blue, and then turn grey again, and no information shows up on the screen.

When I go to the 3DR Solo Setup, the SSID/Password appear, and I can send firmware updates to the device successfully. The Connection Settings are set to 3DR Solo and the Wi-Fi settings are and 14550, as expected. I have enabled Debug messages, and the logs indicate "Solo Video TCP connected!" followed by "Attempt UDP connection", and nothing after that. Enabling and disabling airplane mode on the iPad did not work, nor did a clean install of both the controller and copter work.

Finally, in certain circumstances, switching back to the main map screen after being in another window (e.g. settings, messages, etc) causes the app to crash outright. It usually only occurs when on the SoloLink Wi-Fi network with the video preview enabled. I can navigate between the various menus but going back to the map causes a crash.

I could not find anyone else through various searches who have been having these issues, nor anything about this in the user manual. I would greatly appreciate some help in debugging and investigating the problems I am having.

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