Portable AC Plug

Hey a Solo battery is 5200 mAh so dollar for dollar... Not a bad deal for charging in the field. As long as you have a couple spares to use while one charges I would guess.
I have a few various brands. What is your intended use? It's a 5V 2.2A USB device charger. They're great for charging phones, tablets, gopros, or anything else that can charge via USB while on the go.
I have a few myself. This one in particular is different though. The battery can power an AC outlet, not just USB that is typical with other power banks. In other words, on the go smart battery charging. :)
Oh jeez I totally missed the AC lol. It only outputs "up to" 65 watts though which is strong enough to run one stock solo battery charger. I'd rather get a 2nd solo battery though at that price. Going from DC to AC back to DC seems a bit inefficient for charging a battery too. I bet that gets pretty hot.
There's different models. Supposedly, the 18,000 mah charges up to 65 watts and the 25,000 mah supports 85 watts.

Regardless, this is a great start because I've been looking for these to charge my equipment in general. Will even power a laptop.

People have noted in the reviews that it can be more efficient but it's not bad in its current state.
Why not it acts as solo battery so flight will be longer?

I don't think you'd be able to use this in-flight if that is what you're suggesting.

This would be more for charging your batteries when you're out on the field. You don't have to resort to being near a generator, outlet, or lugging around a car battery, etc. From the looks of it, it's relatively portable too so easier to pack and travel with.

Edit: I think I misunderstood what you meant. I'm not so sure how this can be modified to be a Solo battery. It's about the size of an iPad mini and the whole thing weights a hefty 1.089 kg. Maybe the experts here on the forum could chime in on that.
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Yes. Does need a power source so not so handy on hiking trips but very usefull otherwise

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