1. A

    Portable battery charger

    Hey guys I found this little guy and got me one. It is the "Q6 Plus 300W Smart Charger". I just got done charging multiple batteries for different toys I have. Pretty much with enough cable adapters you could charge almost any battery almost any where. It is very flexible as far as input and...
  2. eclipseforever


    Hey guys, im a new drone pilot. Im also a Best Buy Elite member as well. Ive had my eye on 3DR Solo for a year and one day it was $399. I purchased it and I love it. I get 30 day return and i have 3 days left to return. Im thinking of upgrading it to Karma for portability. I have a motorcycle...
  3. Tamj

    Portable AC Plug

    Check this out. Amazon.com: ChargeTech - 27,000mAh BLACK Portable Battery Pack w/ AC Outlet & USB Ports - Universal Power Bank for MacBooks, Laptops, iPhone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy, Note Tab, Nexus, HTC, Motorola, GoPro, Camping: Cell Phones & Accessories Anyone have any experience with these?