Old HERE GPS Install Question: Use HERE Firmware Upgrades?


Oct 31, 2017
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About to receive an "old" version HERE GPS module for install into a Solo running Open Solo with the stock Pixhawk cube (NO green cube). I plan to disconnect and remove the leg compass.

I noticed when I ran the Open Solo upgrades that the update menu in Side Pilot (and I assume Solex as well if my Nexus 7 was working correctly) had HERE GPS updates. See screenshot below. I could not find much info on these 2 upgrade options.

Are either of these 2 upgrades suitable for an install of the "old" HERE?
What do these HERE updates do? Parameter changes I could otherwise do manually in MP?

I understood from the install instructions I gleaned from Paul @ Jesters Drones, that the only parameter or settings change with the old HERE was for the "compass orient"-- switch from 38 to 0 in Mission Planner.

If that's it, am curious why there is a HERE update option in the flight apps or whether I should run them if I make the compass change in MP. Unless there is something more involved in the newer version of the HERE GPS.

Solo Updates.jpg

FWIW, I have copied my compiled Old HERE install instructions below (too little too late as I don't imagine too many people are doing this anymore):

Old HERE GPS installation instructions (w/ removal of leg compass):
  1. Drill hole in GPS plastic cover for cable to go through to the GPS mount; take mount base and trace/mark out area on plastic cover that needs to be drilled out. No sharp edges.
  2. Remove tray and expose old GPS; disconnect GPS cable from the old GPS module; remove GPS module and disconnect stock GPS cable from mainboard
  3. Disconnect leg compass from mainboard
  4. Remove Leg and compass; unscrew compass from leg; re-install compass-less leg
  5. Mount/adhere HERE GPS to mount and snake cable through the mount post and then through the hole through the plastic cover and attach/adhere mount to GPS plastic cover
  6. Attach both GPS cable and the Compass cable to mainboard; tuck away excess compass cable; gps cable can be fed into the right arm of the drone
  7. Reinstall the battery tray
  8. Click/install GPS cover and mount to SOLO; moderately tighten mast screw
  9. Go to Mission Planner; connect PC to Sololink wifi
  10. In MP: UDP 1152 connect; OK Local Comm Port
  11. Go to config and tuning; full parameter list; in search bar to right type compass and pull up compass parameters;
  12. Scroll down to Compass Orient; should indicate 38; highlight over 38 and instead type 0; enter; hit tab button to the right/write to save (write parameters to save);
  13. disconnect pc from Sololink
  14. Reboot Solo; perform compass Calibration and fly

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