Go Pro Lens Replacement?

You are welcome to try mine to see if you like a lens like this before you tear your GP apart.
well i know i cant buy the lens you have lol. that thing makes me vomitar :) i just want the same lens the GP has, but without fisheye. and post prod removal of fisheye is ok, but it diminishes sharpness a bit
Well if my lens works with the gimbal its worth it to me as its all I am going to use it on. The zoom is way better than the OEM gopro and the P3. More realistic. Everything looks too distant on the stock lens.
yeah i just cant use it for fishing, or other types of non gimbally goodness... so while it would be great for gimbal, or fixed mount, i just filmed 13 hours of fishing in canada. it wouldnt have worked for that :)
I am slightly skeptical about the gimbal even. LOL

Works great on a tripod.

I will probably pull the lens out of the GoPro if I end up sending the Solo back which is looking likely. At least I can use it on my tractor when I mow my lawn :)
oh i forgot about the go pro you have... man that sucks... but yeah, record your mowing expeditions... riveting stuff.

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