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  • I was one who got a flawless machine and absolutely love it. TOWER has been and will be a total blast! And now with reliable range, snart shots, and the uh, let's see, uh,...,oh, right,,the phantom GIMBAL,,lol Sorry, didn't mean to say the "P" word. I think it will be a far superior machine than anything else,,just taking some time to get there.
    FYI I bought some Scotch (3M) 20lb. 2mounting tape. Tested it, it's really strong stuff!!! Cut to size on the controller mount, cut to size for the panel. It is rock solid! It wont budge,,cheap and easy! Just passing along what I did
    Hey, first off thanks for taking the time to make the videos. Very informative.

    My Headplay's came in and I'm digging them so far. Question though, do yours get hot to the touch on the top where the receiver is? The connector area especially. Very hot to the touch. I've found a few posts on the internet but not enough to say all the Headplay's get hot like this.
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