Finally... Back in the air...

Sep 10, 2016
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Birsbane, Australia
After waiting what seemed like an eternity (4 weeks in reality), i finally received and installed a new motherboard for my Hero 3+ i ordered via eBay. I followed it intently via the tracking number provided, and was astonished to see it travel from China to Germany, then to Sydney Australia. It finally reached its destination in Brisbane today. In all honestly, i would have preferred to pay extra for postage to receive it quicker but the option was not available.

History of why the GoPro HDMI PORT broke off:
GIMBAL TEARDOWN - SORT OF (and now with some rebuild)

In all fairness, the postage was free and I'm assuming it traveled by boat for most of the journey (it took 8 days from Germany to Sydney!!!)...

Although it works as expected, I'm not totally happy. eBay listed it as new, but upon inspection i found blue heat-sink paste residue and the USB ports appeared to have scuffs on them. The HDMI port soldering joints were red too, meaning it may have been reattached (can't be sure, i haven't seen many of these boards to compare).

Overall, though, it means i can start flying my Solo again. Yes, it was possible for me fly without the camera but its not the same. I've connected the camera to solo and everything works great. Just charging the batteries for the first flight in 4 weeks

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